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    Windows has a corrupted file pci.sys and could not startup with Mcafee Endpoint Encryption


      Hi experts,


      I suffered heart attack after installed/migrated to Mcafee Endpoint Encryption along with the company on my windows XP SP3.


      Everything went fine till last reboot to setup some Endpoint Encryption security questions.  Now every time reboot/startup, after type in encryption password, the startup session would be terminated and show:


      "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:   system32\DRIVERS\pci.sys" and all kinds of F8, F12 options do not help.


      I am sure that C,D have been encrypted by Endpoint already(no else USB device). My understanding that the typical solution like boot from microsoft setup CD to repair will bypass encryption and would damage drives?


      My company ask me re-image laptop, but I don't have backup on D drive since I did not expect this bad luck.


      Luckly, I found this link:



      Is this the right solution?

      Disable/remove encryption, correct file with windows CD, full backup, re-activate encryption?



      1. Could I download a SafeTech recovery disk instead of create one? since my laptop are died.

      2. Is that authorization code free?