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    McAfee won't scan!

      So here's the deal.  I keep getting a warning about an 'important PC issue' from my alerts thingy down in the taskbar, and when i click it, and allow McAfee to do whatever it says it needs to do, nothing happens.  I went the the McAfee Security Center, and the 'Real-time Scanning' option keeps turning off.  Each time I turn it back on, it somehow turns off.  I scanned my computer with SpyBot search&destroy, and it didn't find anything.  I reopened the Security Center, and tried to do a scan.  An error message popped up:  An unexpected error occurred.  Please click OK to go back to the home page, and then try running your scan again.  I tried to run my scan again, about 10 times, and each time the error message came up.  I restarted my computer, tried again, same deal.



      Some computer details:

      I am running 7, on an HP G62, and I use FireFox, and occasionally Opera for internet usage.



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