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    Changing of the McShield


      We are installing a new image of windows 7. I have syspreped it. McAfee is already installed prior to sysprep. When a user logs in we finish setting things up. But if we watch, I can see the shield looks normal, then it changes to the M shield. This shield has more options including the agent status. What makes it change? I do see it not connecting to the ePO server in the agent staut sscreen but I can foce a install of the agent from ePO and then it works great which also changes the shield back to normal. Could the agent be corrupt?

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          Okay, so it appears it is not the shield that changes, it is McTray loading. If you run mctray -unload from the command line it loads the correct shield. Now how do I stop mctray from loading or why it is loading instead of the regular shield?