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    ePO 4.0 - duplicate computer names query




      I just upgraded to ePO 4.0 patch 7 from 3.6.1.  In 3.6.1 I was able to query for duplicate computer names, can anyone tell me if this can be done in 4.0 and if so how?  Thanks.

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          Someone might have a more elegant solution but here's how I've done it:


          Go the reporting tab, queries, new query

          Select Managed Systems, next

          Display results as a Summary Table, Item label is Agent Version, sort it whatever way you like, next

          For the columns I picked System Name, Last Update, & Assignment Path, next

          For Filter select the property "Sytem Name" who's value = Is Duplicated


          I also created a separate one for machines without tags and if I wanted to bother I'm sure I could combine them in to one query.


          Hope this helps.