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    SiteAdvisor and PAC issues


      Is there any news on Patch 3 which is supposed to resolve PAC issues?  We require machines to go to specific proxy servers and the only way to do so is with PAC files.

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          There is not a target date for SAE 3.0 patch 3. PAC files must be hosted on a web server for SAE to be able to get throught the proxy and get ratings.


          There is a SAE 3.0 HF555832 for a specific proxy issue. If you have the browser configured to use different proxies for different protocols, SAE will not get ratings.


          If you are having problems getting SAE to get ratings through a proxy, please open a support ticket with McAfee.


          The following information will help to track down the issue.

          ·         Screen shot of ePO policy of SAE proxy settings.

          ·         Screen shot of browser proxy settings.

          ·         Debug SAE log files.

          o   [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\SiteAdvisor Enterprise Plus]

          o   DWORD – LogLevel

          o   Set to 3

          ·         MER file from system. Make sure that the DAT files and SAE logs are in the MER.

          o   C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\SiteAdvisor

          ·         Proxy info

          o   Vendor and version.

          o   Proxy logs

          o   Authentication used by proxy.

          o   Does proxy allow non browser traffic?

          o   Can proxy config information be provided (screenshots or export of config)?

          ·         Is PAC file used? What is location of PAC file?

          ·         Is there a workaround that allows SAE to get ratings? Some combination of SAE policy and browser policy seetings?

          ·         Network capture from machine SAE is not getting ratings (Wireshark).

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            Thanks, but the hotfix does not solve the issue.  Our PAC files reside on the users desktop and are enforced when the user logs in.  Hopefully, there will be solution soon as I know others are experiencing the same issue.

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              The Windows API used by SAE requires the pac file to be on a HTTP server. The file on the local system will not work with SAE.

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                I also have same problem that pac file is on every local system but we don't  want to change the senario as companies policies.


                So we required practical solution on it as we have 10000+end ponts.