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    VirusScan Enterprise for Linux: Scan Oracle db content?

      Hi community.


      We are planning to implement VirusScan Enterprise for Linux at a customer site. The customer wants to know if VirusScan is capable of scanning db content. The customer has a web-frontend and a 10g db-backend. You will be able to upload contents to the db. Is there any way to scan the content may be prior to storing it in the db?


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          You won't be able to scan the DB directly in any meaningful way (ie the contents of the DB).

          Better to exclude it from scanning in VSEL otherwise it will be hitting 10Gb for no good reason.


          However If the content being added to the DB is written to the local disk before being committed to the DB this would be the place to scan and VSEL should hopefully do it automatically.

          Otherwise perhaps the content will be scanned on extraction from the DB.


          Best thing would be to test with Eicar and see what happens.