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    AV 2011 plus and Exclusion List

      I'm just looking for the control on how to set the AV exclusion list.  I'm okay with editing an ini file or setting a registry to get it done.  I know from experience that McAfee AV and MS SQL Server 2008 don't play nice together.


      I tried the support chat and the person is just ignoring me... not even a "I don't know"


      I don't have the time to learn this BBS or whatever you call it... just email me the solution.


      Thanks in advance.





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          Peter M

          There is no exclusion list but it is something we have been asking to have reintroduced ever since they removed it a few years ago.


          The only thing that can be ignored is anything labelled a 'PUP' or 'Possibly Unwanted Program' - if the application doesn't detect anything malicious it will ask for a decision in some cases.


          I removed your email from your post for your own safety as this is a public board.


          If you have just acquired the product marked 2011 it is in fact 2010 relabelled and will update to the 2011 product as soon as that is released. 


          As that product hasn't even entered public beta testing yet I have no idea what features are included/excluded.

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            Thanks for the info and the quick reply.  It's unfortunat that they removed an escential feature.  This rates (in my book) as a technically superior bumb move, and here I thought I had the market cornered.


            In my case my choices are to manually stop the database service or run the risk that the AV engin flags my active database as infected.  I'm not always developing database orientated code, so during those times I guess I can stop the database service and set it for manual start.  However when I am developing database code I'm all but forced to un-install the AV package.  Somehow it feels like I just went from the 21st century to the stone age.


            Is there any way to forward my words posted here to the marketing and/or development teams?  I'm really not asking for a fancy GUI, just some way to exclude what I need to exclude.  This is not a want for me, this is a need.


            Thanks again for the quick reply.



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              Peter M

              The best way to influence the developers is to participate in the beta product testing and use the feedback feature.  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-1236


              File/Folder exclusion was a feature of VirusScan 7 and we are now up to 14, so you can see it's been a long time.


              The 2011 products have not yet even entered the public beta testing stage so any "2011" products on store shelves are in fact 2010 re-labelled.


              You are talking home products here?   All this talk about coding etc. leads me to think more along the lines of the Enterprise end which is a totally different ball game.


              Meanwhile, they are fully aware that this feature is one that is very high on everyone's wish list, I assure you.



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                I am a independant consultant who develops code... a software design engineer by any other name.  I work from home and have a pretty long list of clients, mostly from the medical community.  I try and keep my hardware and software purches seperate from that of my clients, and at the same time I try and keep my budget under control.  I don't have nor need a domain here, it's just me and a half dozen computers.


                I have no interest in being a beta tester or a beta test engineer for free.  Beta test engineering (vender side) is actually one of the services I offer established clients.


                It still defys logic why they removed an escential feature, home versions need this every much as a profesional version.



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                  Peter M

                  I agree with you and the only thing I can say at this stage is that it is on the top of their list of 'enhancements'.  (Yes I know, something that was taken away in the first place is hardly an enhancement).  I'm hoping it will actually be reintroduced in the 2011 product but can't promise as I really do not know.

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                    Peter M

                    Good news....you can add files to the exclusion list in both scheduled and manual scans in the new version.


                    I just managed to install the beta in my spare Win 7 partition.


                    See:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-1236 and my last comment below that document.



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