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    DLP 9.0 USB Issue?



      I have deployed DLP 2/3 and 9 in the past with no problems for other clients. But today I have run into an issue and was wondering if anyone had experienced this problem before.


      I have just set-up a test ePO 4.5 patch 3 server and installed DLP 9 and rolled it out to 4 machines. Also set-up a basic monitoring policy for all devices (just test that DLP is working as it should)


      All machines are picking up the policy and it seems to be working fine as all machines are reporting an IDE CD-Rom drive.


      I then plug in several different model USB Sticks and 3 machines don't do anything and 1 machine reports all fine.


      The 3 machines that don't work, are all the same standard image (including 3rd party software and policies), so I assume its something to do with this.


      Just to give you some more information a USB Hard Drive that appears as a CD-Rom to start with works fine on all the machines and reports properly in DLP monitor.


      I'll be investigating this tomorrow anyway but would appreciate any advice if you have had a similar issue.





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          Still looking into this and logged a call with McAfee support.


          I have found that its a problem with USB 1.1 and any device that uses USB 2 gets the policies no problem.

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            Hi All


            Finally got to the bottom of the problem it was a specific component on the Novell Client 4.91 SP5 (1.0) conflicting with DLP


            Not sure why it caused the issue it did, but I have contacted Novell to see what the impact will be in removing the component.