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    Dell E-Series laptops and Pre-Boot not loading

      Hi, we are a large organisation and have been using Safeboot for over 2yrs now, up until recently we have had the odd issue here and there but nothing as major as what we now face. We now have an issue with new Dell E6410 Series laptops, a delivery of 40 came in and all were the same batch and specification. All of them encrypted fully with no errors or issues we knew of and were placed into stock until ready. All of the systems had a brand new fresh build of Win XP with SP3 configured as RAID,  most had A03 BIOS and a few had A04.


      The problem we have is that when we need to issue these to the end user when we boot them up and all we get is approx 1" of the blue bar at pre-boot and that's it. We have tried various laptops and some will boot fine so it hasn't affected every system. I have seen various posts about one thing or the other but so far haven't been able to resolve this issue.


      Steps taken so far:


      All BIOS updated to A05 - no fix

      USB Legacy turned off in BIOS - no fix

      Latitude On turned off in BIOS - no fix

      System re-imaged - no fix

      Hard Drive diagnostics all passed no errors found ( all HD are Seagate Momentus 7200.4 160GB ST9160412AS Firmware D005SDM1 )

      Used just the standard Dell factory image - system boots fine


      What makes it difficult to understand is what has happened to cause this problem, all systems were put into storage in the same area and now some boot and some don't out of the 40 systems so far 3 out 5 tested have failed!


      I have attached a few files which detail the system spec, BIOS info, SBClientLog.txt and various screen shots.


      We are an organisation which have all Dell equipment so this is major worry as we now have more orders we need to place but as we have a requirement for Safeboot on all Laptops this is a serious problem. The version of Safeboot CLient we use is V5.1.3 and all out E6410's are i5 processors.


      Any comments or help would be appreciated.

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          First thing you need to do is to get latest EEPC version (5.2.5 as of today) and have it run in eval mode.

          If you can reproduce problem, escalate it to you McAfee account manager. If you can't reproduce with 5.2.5, then you need to upgrade your EEPC infrastructure.


          Also, take a note of this:




          Changing the hard drive access mode in the BIOS to another option (RAID, AHCI, ATA) has been shown to overcome the problem.




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            Just an update to our problem with E6410 laptop's, I appreciate we are using an old version (McAfee Safeboot Encryption V5.1.3) not even EEPC we have looked at upgrading but as we have over 5,000 units out there already we are not sure how the migration would affect these, and can you migrate directly from the old Safeboot system to the EEPC?


            We have just created a new installation set on the server and one of the options was for "Always Enable pre-boot USB support" this was set to "Auto" we disabled it and saved the new installation set. One of the systems that previously failed to boot to the pre-boot environment was re-ghosted with the same image and configuration in BIOS (i.e RAID as sata config) and the system now boots up ok, we can login through the pre-boot environment and windows loads correctly. So far I can see no other adverse effects to this and I am currently re-ghosting the second laptop to see if this actually fixes our issue.


            If this works we now have 65 systems image and encrypt and if we have any more issues I will post an update.

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              I believe there is no "Auto" for that USB setting (unless you refer to "(auto otherwise)"). It is enabled (checkmarked) or not.

              It should never be enabled for groups, one can enable it for a single object, if there is a need to experiment with particular machine.

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                Thank you for clarifying the USB setting that is exactly what we had, and now both machines we had the problem with are now working all ok.


                Your help is appreciated.


                Many Thanks,