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    Possible errors/corrupt packages in ePO repository; how to verify

      I've been having an issue getting a client task to remove the HIPS module. Attached screen shot shows the error messages from the client side Status Monitor.


      Note the first error message comes just after "Loading update configuration from: catalog.xml". I searched the file system on both the ePO front end webserver and the server running the SQL database and did not find a file named "catalog.xml".


      Note 2nd error message - "Can't get uninstall command from plug in-area"  - maybe because catalog.xml file didn't exist on server?


      Note 3rd error message - "File HIP_ClientDetect.mcs is corrupt. Downloading complete file again" - how do you verify if *.mcs file is corrupt? There were several copies of this file "HIP_ClientDetect.mcs" on the ePO front end; which one is the correct one?


      Note 4th error message - "Unable to find valid repository" - both client workstation and ePO master repository are on same network, and I'm currently logged into both at the same time. I don't think there are any connection issues between the client and master repository.


      Can anyone suggest why the client task is failing?