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    What is PWD for ( Linux Virus Scan Console) :55443 ?



      I have Installed McAfee Virus Scan for Linix Enterprise. Now i have following question which would need your help for clarification.


      1:  I installed McAfee Agent on Linix Server ( Red HAT Enterprise 4.0) and then i deployed AV engine from ePO server to Linux Server. The setup got installed and i was even able to access the AV HTTPS Console


      The question here is ( What pwd i should use to login to Web Console of Virus Scan for Linux ?). The document says use the usernme as ( nails) and pwd as  ( the one you used to install the AV engine. Now i did not use any pwd for installing the McAfee virus Scan for Linux as it was installed by ePO and it used root pwd. I tried to login to the web console of Virus scan for Linux using root credentials. It did not work. ( Any suggestion on this ) ?



      2: I cant see the udpate on McAfee Virus Scan Agent on ePO ?.




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          the user nails is created by McAfe virus Scan Engine



          nails:x:502:502:McAfeeVSEForLinux Administrator:/home/nails:/sbin/nologin


          so i   used the command


          passwd nails



          and reset the password for this user.



          this solved the issue and i was able to login to McAfee virus Scan Console.



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            You need to set a new password for the account, nails.

            By default no login shells will be configured, open the /etc/password file and check for nails account.


            So login as root change the passsword by issueing passwd "nails"

            this will set a new password for the nails account, using this you can monitor the logs and settings for virus scan on Linux machines.