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    Error:  0xe005001 Endpoint Encryption is not installed

      Help!  I have a user who received the error 0xe005001 Endpoint Encryption for PC is not installed at start up.  As far as I know, no recent updates have been released that could have caused this error.  I have tried booting into WinPE and using SBWintech, successfully authorising and authenticating to an SBDB file, but the data on the C drive is unreadable.  I have also used a Wintech boot floppy to try the emergency boot and the remove EEPC, but get error 0xe002000a disk info not present.  I have contacted McAfee support and they have advised to do exactly those same procedures.


      Could my version of Wintech (5.1.7) be the culprit?  Where can I get the 5.2.1 plugin?


      Thanks in advance for your help!

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