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    Epo notification




      is there a way to set Email notification for epo 4.0 once a threat is detected ?

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          To Configure SNMP server:

          1. Go to Automation | SNMP Servers, then click New SNMP Server at the bottom of the page. the New SNMP Server page appears.
          2. Provide the name and address of the SNMP server, then click Save. The added SNMP Server appears in the SNMP Servers list.


          To Configure the Notification rule:

          1. Go to Automation | Notification Rules, then click New Rule. The Notification Rule Builder wizard appears with the Description page displayed.
          2. Type a description in the Notes text box. Select the desired System Tree group to which the rule applies from the Select Tree Group dialog box. Set the priority of the rule to High, Medium, or Low. Select whether the rule is Enabled or Disabled next to Status and click Next.
          3. On the Filters page of the Notification Rule Builder wizard, Select the types of Operating systems from which events can trigger the rule. Select the Products whose events initiate this rule (e.g. VirusScan). Select Categories of events that initiate this rule. (select all starting with "Virus detected") and click Next.
          4. Set Aggregation and Throttling as required. click Next.
          5. Select "Email message" as the Notification method and configure the email message. Click Save.