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    5c020008       Unable to authenticate user


      Has anyone seen this?  Any ideas?



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          care to give us some context - eg product/version/operating system/when it occurred? I think I've seen it in the QA lab at some point though...

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            I'm actually getting the same error message right now - installed 5.2.11.x on a laptop, laptop initially connected to the DB to pull down default users, can login to the laptop and it leaves a successful login on the audit log, but when you go to sync or force sync it comes up with "0x5c020008:  "Unable to authenticate user""


            No firewall between laptop and server (they're both at the central office), both machines can ping each other, server is running 5.2.x

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              can you post the log, or a screen shot?

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                Endpoint Encryption audit file for "ES04402" (ID=00000e0e)

                11/04/2011 02:35:50 PM,0x01000014,N/A,Check for configuration updates
                11/04/2011 03:35:55 PM,0x01000014,N/A,Check for configuration updates
                11/04/2011 04:36:00 PM,0x01000014,N/A,Check for configuration updates
                11/08/2011 05:12:15 PM,0x02000001,"ts31p30" (ID=00000017\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
                11/08/2011 05:12:15 PM,0x08000001,"ts31p30" (ID=00000017\Type=00000001),Logon failed
                11/08/2011 05:12:19 PM,0x02000001,"ts31p30" (ID=00000017\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
                11/08/2011 05:12:19 PM,0x04000001,"ts31p30" (ID=00000017\Type=00000001),Logon successful
                11/08/2011 05:12:39 PM,0x02000016,"ts31p30" (ID=00000017\Type=00000001),Recovery started
                11/09/2011 08:07:01 AM,0x02000001,"USG253" (ID=00000265\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
                11/09/2011 08:07:01 AM,0x04000001,"USG253" (ID=00000265\Type=00000001),Logon successful
                11/09/2011 12:54:05 PM,0x02000001,"USG253" (ID=00000265\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
                11/09/2011 12:54:05 PM,0x04000001,"USG253" (ID=00000265\Type=00000001),Logon successful
                11/09/2011 12:54:53 PM,0x02000001,"USG253" (ID=00000265\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
                11/09/2011 12:54:53 PM,0x04000001,"USG253" (ID=00000265\Type=00000001),Logon successful
                11/09/2011 01:15:21 PM,0x02000001,"USG253" (ID=00000265\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
                11/09/2011 01:15:21 PM,0x04000001,"USG253" (ID=00000265\Type=00000001),Logon successful
                11/09/2011 01:16:04 PM,0x02000001,"USG253" (ID=00000265\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
                11/09/2011 01:16:04 PM,0x04000001,"USG253" (ID=00000265\Type=00000001),Logon successful
                11/10/2011 03:53:28 PM,0x02000001,"ts31p30" (ID=00000017\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
                11/10/2011 03:53:28 PM,0x08000001,"ts31p30" (ID=00000017\Type=00000001),Logon failed
                11/10/2011 03:53:32 PM,0x02000001,"ts31p30" (ID=00000017\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
                11/10/2011 03:53:32 PM,0x04000001,"ts31p30" (ID=00000017\Type=00000001),Logon successful

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                  ah! you're trying to force sync a machine - this error usually means that the IP address (or domain name) in the sync tab of the machine is incorrect, and you're indeed talking to an EEPC protected machine at that address, but it's not the right one that the object refers to.


                  Fix the IP address (or set a domain name) for the machine in EEM and it should work fine.

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                    The IP's/domain names for the client in question are correct.  Once again, server can ping it via either IP or name, it can ping server via IP or name, port 5556 is not blocked, it just gets the "Unable to authenticate user" error. 


                    Note, I this was a machine that was restored from the deleted group in the system tab, but the ID matches - 00000e0e

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                      What's the state in the machine general properties? Is it still set as "enable"? Very curious.

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                        Yes, still set as "enable"


                        One thing, the client that was pushed to it was 5.2.x, and in parens after "enable" it says (Currently enabled v5.1.9) - could that be effecting it at all?  Is it possible the keys or algorithms are mis-matched?

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                          indeed it could be - it would seem the file groups are messed up some how as if you deployed a 5.2x file group, there's no way the object can say 5.1x enabled.


                          the alg must be right if the machine is syncronizing (and, you can only ever have one alg), as must the key be.


                          Is the machine indeed syncronizing properly or is it throwing errors in the client log?

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