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    Dashboards - DAT Deployment & Compliance Summary charts


      Getting to grips with EPO 4.0 now after migrating from 3.6.1 a couple of weeks ago. Still think it sucks compared to 3.6.x but have grudgingly accepted those days are over now


      I have a couple of questions about pie charts on the dashboard.

      The first one concerns the DAT Deployment chart - is there any way to get the 'Other' slice clickable? If not, that seems to me to be a major oversight - you'd think that you'd want to know exactly what DAT revision your really out-of-date clients are running - being able to click the 'Other' slice and get taken to a table displaying the clients that fall into this category, together with the revision of DAT they're running would be a big help. At present, if I get a lot of clients being reported as running four or more revisions behind I'm forced to run a query on all clients and sort by DAT revision to get that information


      The second question is about the 'Compliance Summary' chart. If I have a number of systems listed as 'Non-Compliant', I can click the slice containing those systems, but can't find any way to identify why they're listed as such. Am I missing something obvious here?