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    virus scan getting stuck on mfc42.dll

      Mcafee virus scan is getting stuck on C\$INPLACE-TR\..\windows\system32\mfc42.dll


      Last night had it run to turn off after scan this was file 1226 in scan it stayed on 7 hours stuck on this. Tried rboot it got stuck on this as file1226 for like 5minuted and said error occored restart scan.


      I tried Mcafee virtual technition it said no problems found with my Mcafee system.


      What should I do please?

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              Actually this is not an issue with McAfee. McAfee Scan stuck on a file only if file is corrupted or a large password encrypted rar or any other compressed file. But in your case McAfee scan has got stuck on mfc42.dll which is a Microsoft Windows file. The mfc42.dll library is required for windows to operate. It provides a number of classes and code functions that are used in a wide variety of programs . If mfc42.dll is unavailable, any software that relies on the functions that it provides will crash and/or become unstable.mfc42.dll is flagged as a system process and does not appear to be a security risk. However, removing Microsoft Foundation Classes Library may adversly impact your system.This is part of Microsoft Windows. As the scan get stuck on this file it is clear that mfc42.dll is corrupted so, in order to fix this issue you need to replace that file or correct the error on that file. For that you have to contact Microsoft Support of reinstall your Operating System.

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            Thanks for the info, I'm going to try at microsoft forums to see if they can fix it.

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              i have downloaded this  dill file  today ... But now facing some error and  macafree cant detect any virus too.Now have found another site . they says if i download this dll file,it will be harmful for your pc.(  site )... Really..?