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      I have a McAfee software for my 3 pcs. Its about to get expired in Nov'10. For my worst expereince; I selected to chat with CUSTOMER CARE LIVE CHAT. I had a chat with "Silambarasan " on 19th Sep- 1:45 PM Indian Local Time. I can say that McAfee is not serious about customers and customer care. The person who is chatting with me is just not reading my questions and asking the same information time and again.


      When I asked for a supervisor or manager "He or she is not avaialble". I have to chat again after 2 to 3 hours.It shows that customers are taking for granted. My question in Live Chat was simplee. How can buy/renew my account? As I do not have credit card or debit card. I need a location of retail shop to buy a CD. Below is the worst chat transcripts:


      GoToAssist (14:05:13):
      Thank you for contacting McAfee Consumer Support.  An agent will be with you shortly.

      Silambarasan (13:23:07):
      Hello, Pasha. Please give me a moment while I review the description you have typed in.

      Customer (13:23:10):

      Silambarasan (13:23:22):
      I have reviewed your description and I will be happy to help you.
      Silambarasan (13:23:24):
      One moment please, while I look up your account details. I appreciate your patience.

      Customer (13:23:30):

      Silambarasan (13:23:46):
      Pasha, I see that you have valid McAfee products registered under the e-mail address xxxxxx.

      Customer (13:23:58):
      Customer (13:24:14):
      when will it expire?

      Silambarasan (13:24:55):
      I will be happy to help you.
      Silambarasan (13:25:03):
      May I have the date of registration/purchase of your McAfee software?

      Customer (13:25:16):
      I dnt remember.

      Silambarasan (13:25:25):
      Please provide me with the "Product Key" (25 digits alpha numeric) which is located on the backside of the CD envelop.

      Customer (13:25:34):
      i think it expires in first week of november
      Customer (13:25:37):

      Silambarasan (13:25:49):
      Let me know an approximate date.

      Customer (13:27:52):
      November 11th 2010.

      Silambarasan (13:28:15):
      Thank you for the confirmation.
      Silambarasan (13:28:54):
      Pasha, your 3-User McAfee Internet Security expires on 11/02/2010 under the e-mail address xxxx. (13:29:02):
      Can you tell me how can i renew my account?


      Silambarasan (13:29:22):
      Sure, Pasha. I will be happy to help you.

      Customer (13:29:31):
      Customer (13:30:30):
      I am waiting for the information.

      Silambarasan (13:30:33):
      You can very well login to your MAcAfee account using the email address xxxx with respective password and click on the "renew" button near to the "3-User McAfee Internet Security" to renew it.

      Customer (13:31:16):
      What are the options to renew other than Credit Card option?

      Silambarasan (13:31:43):
      McAfee softwares can be purchased only through credit/debit card.

      Customer (13:32:03):
      I DO NOT have credit card. Do you have any other option?

      Silambarasan (13:32:27):
      That's okay. Do you have debit card.

      Customer (13:32:47):
      I have an online internet bank acount thats is NET BANKING.
      Customer (13:34:17):
      Customer (13:34:26):
      Do you understand my question?

      Silambarasan (13:34:29):
      I am sorry, Pasha. You can only able to renew  the McAfee software using the Credit or Debit card.

      Customer (13:35:12):
      So, in other words I have to go for some other antivirus company?

      Silambarasan (13:35:41):
      If you wish, you can purchase the McAfee softwares in a CD from retail stores and use it to protect your computer.

      Customer (13:37:08):
      Can you tell me the location of such store in Andhra Pradesh?
      Customer (13:37:46):
      The software that I m using is downloaded from Internet... do you think that I have to go for new software again in form of CD?

      Silambarasan (13:38:30):
      As you do not have credit/debit cards, I suggest you to purchase the McAfee software in CD.

      Customer (13:38:48):
      Please read my above statements and reply.

      Silambarasan (13:39:38):
      I apologize for the inconvenience.
      Silambarasan (13:39:40):
      May I know the country in which you are located, Pasha?

      Customer (13:39:52):
      India, Andhra Pradesh.
      Customer (13:40:16):
      I already gave you details. I think you are not reading them.. Sorry not offences

      Silambarasan (13:40:50):
      Thank you for the information.

      Customer (13:41:33):
      Welcome. Please let me know the locations to purchase the CD.
      Customer (13:41:46):
      I have been waiting for this information from 20 mins.

      Silambarasan (13:42:00):
      You can contact the McAfee Sales team at +91 80 6656 9000 to renew the McAfee software.

      Customer (13:42:17):
      Come on.
      Customer (13:42:29):
      Dont pass a bill.
      Customer (13:42:46):
      Your washing off your hands from my questions.
      Customer (13:43:05):
      Can I chat with your supervisior?

      Silambarasan (13:43:22):
      I apologize for the inconvenience.

      Customer (13:43:33):
      Can I have a chat with your supervisor?

      Silambarasan (13:43:48):
      This issue will be best handled by my supervisor. Unfortunately, he/she is unavailable at this time.

      Customer (13:44:00):
      Then a manager wil work for me.
      Customer (13:44:13):
      As your not in position to help me. I need your manager or supervisor.

      Silambarasan (13:44:34):
      I would have helped you if I have an option.

      Customer (13:44:42):
      I want to renew and your pushing me from one place to another. Asking same information time and again.

      Silambarasan (13:44:58):
      I have provided the necessary details to renew the McAfee software.

      Customer (13:45:01):
      You're not helping me and rather your making me feel sad.
      Customer (13:45:18):
      I think you have to read your chat statements again.
      Customer (13:45:39):
      I am sure McAfee is not serious about their customers.

      Silambarasan (13:45:53):
      As you do not have a credit or debit card, I have suggested you to purchase the McAfee software from a store and register it to protect your computer.

      Customer (13:45:56):
      Can I have your manager on chat with me please?
      Customer (13:46:10):
      Yes. Can you read my pervious chat sir?

      Silambarasan (13:46:17):
      This issue will be best handled by my supervisor/manager. Unfortunately, he/she is unavailable at this time.

      Customer (13:46:24):
      I asked after that few questions. You asked to me call to some number.
      Customer (13:47:09):
      How about someone like Sr. Manager.

      Silambarasan (13:47:20):
      We offer a toll free number with trained sales representatives who will walk you through the different levels of security software that we offer. Our sales representatives are available "Daily" and can be reached by dialing +91 80 6656 9000.

      Customer (13:47:37):
      I m sorry, but you do nto understand my questions. or may be you do not know how to answer to my questions.
      Customer (13:48:10):
      Please do not send me canned answers

      Silambarasan (13:48:18):
      I can completely understand the situation you have been through, but the only option we have for this type of scenario would be for you to contact the above number to renew the McAfee software. They will be able to assist you with your issue.

      Customer (13:48:29):
      Do you say that 91 80 6656 9000 is toll free number?
      Customer (13:48:44):
      I asked u simple question.
      Customer (13:48:51):
      Now your making me frustrated.
      Customer (13:49:14):
      I need an address to purchaed CD from store. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
      Customer (13:49:45):
      Is this a customer care means to McAfee?
      Customer (13:50:03):
      Making customer wait and struggle to get small pice of information?
      Customer (13:50:23):
      No manager and no supervisor available for customers.

      Silambarasan (13:50:35):
      You can contact any nearby retail store to purchase the McAfee software.

      Customer (13:50:52):
      Give me the store name or location.
      Customer (13:51:19):
      Customer (13:51:31):

      Silambarasan (13:51:33):
      You can contact us at +91 80 6656 9000 for further details in this regards.

      Customer (13:51:49):
      Customer (13:52:11):
      Customer (13:52:22):

      Silambarasan (13:52:28):
      You can contact the McAfee sales team at 1 800 425 2656(toll free number) to renew the McAfee software.

      Customer (13:52:49):
      Customer (13:53:24):
      WAKE UP

      Silambarasan (13:53:42):
      They will be available in the business hours 9am-7pm IST.

      Customer (13:54:02):
      Customer (13:54:09):
      Customer (13:54:12):

      Silambarasan (13:54:26):
      I am sorry about all the trouble that you were put through.

      Customer (13:54:51):

      Silambarasan (13:54:55):
      You can contact the above number to get further assistance with purchasing McAfee software as you do not have credit or debit cards.

      Customer (13:55:07):
      Customer (13:55:27):
      Customer (13:55:43):

      Silambarasan (13:56:09):
      I understand that must be upsetting.

      Customer (13:56:27):

      Silambarasan (13:56:29):
      I have provided all the required details to renew the McAfee software.

      Customer (13:56:38):

      Silambarasan (13:56:49):
      Please contact the above number to help you further.
      Silambarasan (13:57:30):
      Your Service Request number for this chat session is 484570-521963929. You can quote this number in your further contacts.

      Customer (13:57:30):
      dont sing same song again and again
      Customer (13:58:13):
      Is there any email address to give feedback?

      Silambarasan (13:58:43):
      Silambarasan (13:59:00):
      You can use the above link to post your comments.

      Customer (13:59:22):
      Thank for nothing.
      Customer (13:59:23):
      Customer (13:59:29):
      Customer (13:59:57):
      in that link where i can send my feedback?
      Customer (14:00:43):
      In that website I do not find any link or email address to send feedback.

      Silambarasan (14:01:11):
      You can post your comments to custserv_apac@mcafee.com. (14:01:11):
      Customer (14:01:45):


      Silambarasan (14:03:00):
      I realize that you have spent a lot of time and effort because of this.
      Silambarasan (14:03:16):
      I suggest you to contact us after 3-5 hours to help you with this issue.

      Customer (14:03:22):
      Not becuase of this. Its just because of you.
      Customer (14:03:54):
      Com on. you might be kidding.  I am not that cleaver like you to waste my brain with your so called customer care.

      Silambarasan (14:04:51):
      I understand your concern and would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused.
      Silambarasan (14:05:03):
      My supervisors will be available at that time.

      Customer (14:05:07):
      Leave it and use it for yourself.

      Silambarasan (14:05:13):
      They will help you to resolve your issues.

      Customer (14:05:13):
      Com on..
      Customer (14:05:23):
      you cant make customer wait for supervisor.
      Customer (14:06:08):
      it means.. for your company. Customer is nothing.

      Silambarasan (14:06:38):
      I would have helped you to contact them right away, if they are available.
      Silambarasan (14:07:06):
      Unfortunately, they are unavailable at this time. I would like to schedule a contact on your behalf though. Please let me know your phone number, preferred e-mail address, and the best time of day to reach you.

      Customer (14:07:14):
      I do not understand how come all supervisor and managers are not avaialble same time.

      Silambarasan (14:08:55):
      You can very well contact us back with the Service Request Number 484570-521963929 after 4 hours to help you further. They will help you with your issues.

      Customer (14:09:17):
      I think u r out of your thoughts
      Customer (14:09:43):
      I am going to have a copy of this chat and place this chat details in the McAfee communities or Blogs
      Customer (14:10:03):
      So all must know what kind of support that a customer get from LIVE CHAT.

      Silambarasan (14:10:57):
      I have suggested you to contact retail store to purchase the McAfee software.

      Customer (14:11:33):
      Do you want to search whole Hyderabad/secunderrabad/New City/Old City for retail shop?

      Silambarasan (14:12:01):
      You can contact any nearby retail store to purchase the McAfee software.

      Customer (14:12:14):
      nearby means.. where?
      Customer (14:12:28):
      near to your house or mine house or Bill Gates house or where?
      Customer (14:14:10):

      Silambarasan (14:15:27):
      You can contact the nearby retail store in your locality.

      Customer (14:15:55):
      Are you rading me messages?
      Customer (14:16:14):
      You know I have 10000000 stores in my locality?
      Customer (14:16:21):
      Where you want me to search........................ and chat is going on.


      I hope people in this community do faced same kind of customer care from McAfee? if not; BE AWARE. You will hit your head on PC after you chat with customer care at McAfee.


      Thank you.




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          Sorry you are feeling frustrated by that experience.


          I've removed your email adress form the above post in several places for your own safety and privacy.


          He gave you the India contact page for McAfee and I see on there there is an address and phone number:  http://www.mcafee.com/us/about/contact/india.html


          If you have no credit card or debit card then it can't be renewed online at all and your only solution is, as he stated, to purchase it from a retail store.   He was giving you correct information.


          I doubt that they carry a list of PC-oriented stores as there would simply be too many.   Any computer shop or PC-repair shop should sell the software.


          I suggest you do that just before the expiry of your old software.   You would then have to uninstall that software, run the MCPR removal tool listed under Useful Links above, reboot and then install the new software.



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            I came to know from that chat that It cannot be renewed without credit card or debit card. I want to know if I can get the location of the store in my area to buy a CD. Agent cannot answer to the simple question in 40 min (approx) chat time.

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              They don't carry that information as I stated, there would simply be too many to list.   Any shop that sells computers, computer games and software and many PC-repair places would most likely carry it.



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                Thank you peter, thats the information I was looking for.

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                  Sorry I can't list any places but my being in Canada makes me unfamiliar with your country, I'm sure you understand.


                  Good luck with your search.

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                    Yes, Peter . I do understand you cannot help me being in other part of globe. I was waiting for the answer that you gave me in earlier reply. I can get CD from the store where I can buy computer parts or computer stationary. Just like to know; is that so difficult to chat with a supervisor on chat? If I can get your answer from the chat agent or supervisor. Then it would have saved me time and energy of posting issue in "discussion/communities".



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                      I see.  Good luck.

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                        I have to admit that in all my life (I have been using PCs from day 1 in 1983 and the Internet since early 90's) I have never experienced such bad support as from McAfee.  Whilst Pasha Leo's problem may have had a simple solution, mine does not any only goes to demondtrate what Pasha Leo said in that the support guys in Live Chat read from a script and do not listen to or read what the customer says.


                        My problem is that on one of my PCs McAfee keeps telling me my subscription will expire in 7, 6, 5 .... days.  Even though in my online account it shows I have a subscription until 30 Jan 2011, and it's fine on my laptop (both running Windows 7 and latest patches).  After uninstalling and using the removal tool it's fine for a few days, then reverts to type and I have to reinstall.  I have had three on line sessions where McAfee support have reinstalled and hacked my registry to get it working.  On the last occasion I got an email from support saying thay had extended my subscription to keep it working, which is strange as my subscription is till next January and when looking at my account online nothing had changed.   The other thing I pointed out is that looking at my subscription on the McAfee site it shows this PC 7 times, and when I had the original problem all seven were Activated. I have suggested that there may be a problem with the McAfee database, but no one has bothered to look at it. They assume it is always a problem with my PC. As a long standing IT professional I have learnt that you need to explore all possibilities when you can't fix something. But the Live Chat giuys keep mind numbingly going thrugh the same process and they ask for the same information two or three times.  I now feel I am better qualified to provide McAfee support than any of the Live Chat people as not only do I know exactly what they do but I would actually listen to the customer.  Looking at many of the threads on this site I am clearly not alone inmy experience or perception.


                        The latest example is that I am expecting a Tier 2 support person to call me. I gave my land line as my primary contact number and my mobile as a secondary.  They did not call my landline (confirmed by callng 147) but called my mobile and hence I missed the call.  I now have someone calling me later today, but my software has now deactiviated and I am reluctunat to reinstall it in case it masks the problem and the Tier 2 guy doesn't see it.


                        In short McAfee are the only company I know that does not use sufficiently qualified technical people (and please do not tell me they are trained etc etc as I have dealt with at least ten of them over the past three months and they are all the same) and also has no other way of escalating major issues. It all gets filtered by the suppot guys (in India?) who I do not think are McAfee, but another compnay, and they clearly are reluctant to escalate to higher authorites as it I assume it impacts on their performance and potential financial penalties as imposed by McAfee onone of their suppliers.

                        • 9. Re: WORST CUSTOMER CARE (LIVE CHAT)

                          All subscription matters can only be dealt with by Customer Service and they are a toll-free phone call away.  See Useful Links above.  That;s by far the easiest way to deal with it.


                          Sometimes an uninstall, cleanup using the MCPR cleanup tool, reboot and reinstall are necessary as installations become corrupted for whatever reason.

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