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    Re-partitioning and SafeBoot



      I have a WinXP machine encrypted with SafeBoot, having two partitions: system C and general data D. Recently I needed to change the size of the partitions [because Visual Studio 2010 would install 5 gig on C no matter what >:-( ] and forgetting that SafeBoot mingles the physical blocks, I installed Acronis DiskDirector 11. The D partition was shrinked successfully - after I rebooted and logged in to Windows, the partition was accessible and all data was intact. However, after enlarging the C partition, the OS won't load anymore...

      Is there a possibility to roll back and restore the partition as I suspect DiskDirector does some changes to the MBR which SafeBoot doesn't like at all?

      Is it possible at all to change the size of the partitions having SafeBoot encryption?




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          There is probably a long way to recovery, rebuilding system from backup might be faster.

          You can try WinTech CD to see if anything is still visible, but I would not bet on it.

          Which version of SafeBoot do you have installed?

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            First - what is this "safeboot" you speak of? You mean the 1999 product SafeBoot 3.5? I'm hoping you mean one of the later products from the 'company' SafeBoot, like Drive Encryption for PCs or the McAfee product Endpoint Encryption for PCs? Got a version number?


            In some versions, like 5.x+ changing the partition size is fine, moving safeboot.x files in the root of the boot drive, not fine. In earlier versions, it's not really fine ever.


            What's the error message you are getting? OS not loading could mean anything..

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              The version of SafeBoot [the product] we have here is 4.2 (yes, a bit old). Meanwhile the IT guy succeeded in running SafeTech and, after disabling virus-protection of the MBR (probably SafeBoot sees the change DiskDirector did as a virus attack), it was possible to decrypt the drive.

              However, right now it appears as though there's no file system and partitions at all... All the data is intact I would like to believe, yet it is raw. Of course it is not possible to load the OS. Is there some way to restore/recover the partitions and the file system?

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                If the drive is indeed decrypted (did you check the workspace etc to see what the sectors look like), then there's no "SafeBoot" anymore - you can use all the normal partition recovery tools that engineers use to fix it.