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    McAfee Total Protection 2011 issues

      Hello, I'm curently running Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate Edition and just purchased McAfee Total Protection today, Once installed IE explorer would just hang when trying to open and Firefox just would not open at all but if you checked the task manager you could see it there to get by this I uninstalled Site Advisor and now I can acutally open up both IE and Mozilla FireFox (both are up to date) and view the web. Other issues I am having is activating the product and the Anti-Spam Filter/Firewall protection.


         When at the main screen when using Mcafee at the bottom it says Activate by 03/10/2010 , So I click on that and now I have text that says Activate in Blue , so I follow that link witch causes a pop up window that says Activating your product and tells you all the perks of having your product activated. It looks like its loading or something but after roughly a minute the screen just disapears and it does nothing at all.


        Now onto the firewall/anti-spam problems,  All the options in here I can not change, Well I can change them but the chages just will not stick even if I hit apply. Once I exit out recheck to see if it did infact change the settings I see the settings were not saved.


      Im going to try uninstalling and reinstalling McAfee to see if that resolves the issue for now but just curious if anyone knows what could possibly causing this?

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          The uninstall/reinstall did not fix the issue. I also tryed upgrading IE to 9 (beta version) and that did nothing as well, I also tryed uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox.  All the Issues described above still exist.  Everything on my computer is up to date.

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            1st the 2011 product is actually the 2010 version reboxed. that is the way firms do things these days trying to be 1st out with a new version. Notwihstanding this did you have any other AV products installed previously?


            What did you mean you installed IE and it would not I assume mcafee not installed before you tried that?


            Do not install ie9 beta mcafee will not waork with beta products especially early betas.


            Best path Uninstall mcafee via this FAQ


            Uninstall IE9

            Some McAfee customers have reported that the McAfee SecurityCenter displays a  blank page after the installation of Internet Explorer 9.


            Internet  Explorer 9 is a beta product, and is not supported for use with McAfee Security  Software, (whether beta or non-beta). Until this product has been tested fully  and released, it can cause unpredictable behavior with many applications,  including McAfee Security Software. McAfee advises that you uninstall IE9 Beta  from your production or daily use computers until it reaches formal release  stages and can be supported.


            To tell what version of Internet Explorer  you have open it and go to Help/About. IE9 Beta looks like the  following:




            How  To Remove IE9 Beta:


            The following instructions apply to both Windows 7  and Windows Vista. (IE9 is not compatible with XP or earlier  systems).


            Click the Start button, type Programs and Features in the  search box, and then click View installed updates.


            Right-click Windows  Internet Explorer 9, click Uninstall, and then, when prompted, click  Yes.


            Click one of the following:


            Restart now (to finish the  process of uninstalling Internet Explorer 9, and restore the previous version of  Internet Explorer).


            Restart later (to wait until you shut down or restart  your computer).


            Warning: Remove any beta Windows applications  before upgrading your system or installing any Windows Service Packs otherwise  you may find that the applications are locked in place by the aforesaid process,  i.e. not removable or even upgradable, and the only way to get around that is to  format your hard drive and reinstall the system



            Ensure IE8 is installed and working and reboot installing mcafee again



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              I have had no previous McAfee products installed and no other type of Virus/Malware protection installed prior to installing McAfee Total Protection. The problem is once I install it , I try to open IE 8 and it just hangs , you can see the window but it will not load a webpage or allow you to view the web at all so I tryed reinstalling McAfee and also tryed updating to IE 9 Beta to see if it would fix it but with no sucess.  If I use my other browser then nothing happens at all except for seeing my system is saying its running in the task manager even though its not poping up a window. To fix this I had to uninstall Siteadvisor Plus, once uninstalled both web browsers worked correctly. I still have not found a work around to getting Total Protection to activate. I click activate , a pop up window comes up says connecting to McAfee.com and from there it just sits there and eventually just closes it self without letting me put in any information like the activation code.

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                You need ie9 totally uninstalled it and Mcafee do not work well together it is too new.


                Use the removal tool and reboot. repeat using the tool and reboot that will ensure a good cleanup.


                Open IE and reset IE to defaults in Tools internet options advanced.


                Confirm all browsers open then reinstall Mcafee  and see what happens.


                If still an issue go to technical services in useful links tab above and choose chat and see if they can sort it out.



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                  Removed IE 9, did not resolve the issue. I found something kinda odd though. I went to the McAfee website and downloaded the Trial Version and installed that and everything worked great only problem is to activate it through the trial version theres no place to put my activation code and the only way to register McAfee is by credit card. But using that version everything worked like it should , so then I tryed uninstalling the trial version using the tool you linked to and tryed reinstalling my retail copy and just ended up with the original issues again. When using the retail copy I tryed installing the version off the disc and also tryed installing the latest version using the internet both cause the same issues.

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                    This sounds as if you need mcafee techs to do the install they can via the chat option I mentioned. If they have problems ask for an escalation.


                    The version is a purchased box correct?

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                      Yes, its a purchased retail copy.

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                        Let chat install it if they have issues escalate it.

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                          Well, I ended up getting the problem sorted out in away. I have 2 pc's I wanted to protect 1 with Windows Vista and 1 with Windows 7, It was the Windows 7 machine that was giving me the issues. So I decided to install it on the machine with Vista and activated the product on that machine with out any issues. Once activated and the product is now tied into my account , I installed McAfee on my machine with Windows 7 by not using the disc at all and just logging onto to the account and doing everything without using the disc. For some reason installing it this way solved the issue and now everything is working fine on both machines.

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