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    Why will my Zune suddenly not sync wirelessly?

      I've been using the wireless sync on my Zune successfully with my new Windows 7 desktop since I set it up in August, however, earlier this week, the wireless sync stopped working.  Today, after several hours spent trying to figure out what the problem is, I narrowed it down to McAfee firewall.  With firewall off, the Zune Wireless drivers will install and the device will sync.  With firewall on, the device will connect with my computer (shows up in the Network window), but the Wireless Drivers installation fails and the syncing operation never starts.  A McAfee update must have disabled the ability of the Zune software to penetrate the firewall.  My Zune software and Zune Host are both given full permissions in Firewall settings, but still the syncing operation fails.  I even unistalled and reinstalled the software to see if that would fix the problem, but no luck.


      I'm willing to contact technical support via chat, but I'm hoping this issue can be resolved thru the message board instead.  Please help if you can.