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    3 user Total Protection reinstalation issue :(

      Dear McAfee friends.

      It is not easy at all to make contact with your Tech support.

      I would like to make written contact. E-mail or anithing that leaves trace. So we all know who said what and when. And it is much, much cheaper than phone. Especually if I am faaaar away from you.


      I have problem with reinstalling (3-user)Total Protection (4 licences).

      After compleeting proces I receive information that there are not installed all components. Namely, no Virus protection.

      Virtual Technitian can't find anything (no McAfee programs !) so I can't be redirected to Tech service because nothing for them eqsists. I can go in that stupid circle again and again but I always kiss the same dead end.

      I tryed MCPR cleaning and Internet Explorer resetted instalation, followed DOcument ID: CS40072 and some others. Tryed with video tutorials about installing and reinstalling procedure but I still have nothing on my computer! And few days before everything was great. So my question is is there someone able to guide me through reinstallation process for real. Not for fun. I had enough of that.

      Thanks, Kreso.

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          Peter M

          Moved this from Business > Total Protection Service to Home and Home Office > SecurityCenter 10 as that is what you are talking about I believe.


          You can contact Technical Support for your region (in the UK) without using the Virtual Technician via Chat or Email.



          Click the link to Technical Support in "Useful Links" at the top of this page


          Click "My country is not listed" at the top right of the resulting page.



          Click Technical Support on the next page that appears.


          Click Chat and Email and it should open without asking you to run anything.


          There you can use either Online Chat or send an email, however, I will warn you email support is extremely slow.


          What is your operating system and service pack and what security software is currently or has been recently installed?


          What browser and version are you using?


          Have you had any strange pop-ups or alerts of infection or any other strange things happening?



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            Peter M

            I also altered your user name to a shorter version because the other one didn't fit in the forum interface.


            You will have to log off and back on again as Unhappy_User to continue.

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              Windows XP Pro, x32 is my current Software on desktop PC.

              No other new Software.

              Just reinstalation.

              I used Internet Security which I uninstalled and tryed to install Total protection. It somehow caused trouble we are talking right now.

              But, I should start with this.

              Last week I bought another laptop.

              I tryed to make  home network with identical (McAfee) software support. Thn I noticed that my first and main computer (desktop) has Internet Security. Not Total Protection installed.

              I thought, well, may be it is good idea that all three computers that are working in my home area have the same system since I have enough licences (and in case I do not have I am willing to buy what is necessary).

              Now I think that was not good idea.



              Thanks very much to Ex_Britt for quick and understandable answer(s).





              May I change your name

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                Uuuups, soory for uncompleet answer.

                My main browser is I E 8 (No troubles). Sometimes I use Firefox (latest update).

                There was no strange pop-ups, no alerts, no infection at all

                It all worked very nice so far !

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                  Peter M

                  Sorry about the name confusion.   I did send you a private message but it appears not to have been sent in a timely manner.


                  Did you not have any success reaching Technical Support online chat?


                  One thing you could try is System Restore to back before all this happened but that may or may not work.   You would then have to update your McAfee immediately afterwards.


                  I will try to get a McAfee person to intervene here.





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                    First, thank You Ex_Britt for Your effort.

                    It is really veri nice of You.


                    Second. I must blame myself for something I simply missed.

                    I have not noticed that on my main MyAfee window (gray_green) in which I have (in upper right corner Home, Navigation, Subscription, Help) there is one important information.

                    It says Subscription Active. Days 0 !!!!!

                    Of course, that is not so. I have some 230 days of subscription. But that is what I noticed today.


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                      Peter M

                      Try right-clicking the taskbar icon and selecting "Verify Subscription" see if that helps.


                      If not then contact Customer Support using the method I gave you in my first answer - just pick Customer Support instead of technical Support.

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                        I have not read if you have taken a moment to review you McAfee MyAccount (support.mcafee.com).  If you have not, you might want to take a peek.  My experience, as of late, this is where I find a lot about "why" I cannot install, activate, and all those sorts of things one would expect to happen when everything is playing nice.  You mentioned wanting a record.  You can get one in CHAT.  There is a choice to save the chat log.  You must do this before the chat session is terminated.  I usually save every once in a while during the chat session to make sure I have as much of the conversation as possible should something go heywire.


                        Another thought in putting together the pieces of your mystery is to make screenPrints of your MyAccount initial first page and then the page under each Subscription for each product.  I have noticed that the information on these pages can change rather quickly from "ok" to "OMG!"


                        You might also ask the tech for an eMail address to submit your documentation (of course, it may not be read ... ).  You can also ask the tech to escalate the issue and request the eMail address for the Tier2 group.  If you do send your documentation by eMail, make sure to always include your Service Request number that the person interacting with you on chat should provide (this number seems to change each session so keep track of them - I use NotePad to write my notes and keep track of all of the information by each chat or callBack).


                        Your success will probably depend on your tenacity.  I have found many helpful people at McAfee that are really very interested in getting your problem/issue resolved.  It just unfortunately takes time (think "big" corporation).  I am working on getting an issue solved that actually started in Nov 2009 and really busted my chops in June of this year.  There are just small increments of progress for each successful step (I do not recommend holding one's breath).


                        Good Luck!  (May the force assist in solving your problem - if your's gets solved mine might get fixed, too (grin)!)



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                          I am very, very dissapointed with McAfee support.

                          It egsists only on comercials.

                          When you really need someone from McAfee to realy help You with answering your question about their unfunctional program - no heroes anywhere near you!

                          Just cowards.

                          Lurking from safe distance.


                          I do not care that macAfee is too big to deal with their users.

                          May be they could advertize themself as to big company to have time for their users.

                          So far, only intervention from someone, somehow connected with McAfee was person that changed my user name from Unhappy_McAfee_User to Unhappy_User. After that job was finished - there was not so much of interes for my problems.

                          Congratulations guys.

                          I will sure recomend You.

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