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    Firewall High Availability (cluster) crashes after starting Outbound PPTP Connections

      We have two phisical (Sidewinder) Enterprise Firewall, on different locations.

      Recently we setup a High Availabilty (cluster) active-passive.

      The software on both devices are the same; version


      The setup of the cluster and the installation of the following updates are done in the same week.

      - Hotfix H14

      - Hotfix H15

      - Hotfix HW02


      Since this week, we have the following problem:

      As we start Windows VPN connections from an (internal) computer, to an external computer outside our organisation, the firewall cluster (with the primary and the secundary firewall) chrashes and reboot. With the ping-command we see that the devices come online with a few minutes, and after 10 minutes we can login in the Sidewinder Admin Console again.

      The Uptime (as we can see by Device Information) begin by the both devices by 0 days, 0 hours and a few seconds.


      Before the setup of the cluster and the installation of the hotfixes, the outbound PPT (VPN)-connections wil always work, with the same settings and IP-adresses.

      All settings to setup an Windows VPN (PPTP-connection) are the same as discripted in this original McAfee article.


      How can we solve this problem?