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    Removing Mcafee Antivirus from the system

      Hi All,


      We have deployed Mcafee Antivirus enterprise 8.0 in our systems . Is was depoyed as agents in the systems via server . Now the server got crashed completly . We have purchased another antivirus for the new systems. As the existing systems are still having Mcafee agents , i am not able to completly remove it from the systems , which is very mandatory to install any new antivirus. Mcafee got expired as well. SInce its not coming under the consumer product list I tried MCP.exe file to clean the systems but failed.

      Could you pls help me to remove Mcafee agents from the systems completly . Is there any exe file available for the same. I am able to remove the software from teh system but not from the program files, mcafee, common framework. It says Agent.dll files are not able to  delete.


      Please help me on the same as teh systems are unprotected till we install teh new antivirus.