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    Recent update from original Dell install


      I debated on continuing my subscription with McAfee, and strongly considered dumping it and going with MSE. I waited until the last second, and got a bit of a discount instead of updating through the website.


      Then, this Monday, it updated itself to the newest version. Now I am STRONGLY wondering why I paid that money. They made a confusing interface even MORE confusing. Everything is gray. Everything is crammed into a non-resizeable tiny window that would fit on an iPod Nano with room to spare! The information on when it last updated, and when it will next update, only gives a time, no date!!


      Why is that software companies continue to stupidize programs to the point of unusablility?? Why is all the help on-line? What if I need help because my Internet is blocked for some reason???



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          Your interface should look like this:




          It takes a bit of getting used to but is actually simpler and more logical than the old one.  If it's appearing as small as you say it is then you must have abnormal screen settings, either in your Control Panel or your browser or perhaps 'Ease of Access'.


          What operating system and service pack is this and what is your version of Internet Explorer (whether or not it's the default browser)?

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            That is the new interface, but I still find it confusing, cramped, too pale and monochromatic. I don't know why programmers are too lazy to support resizable windows.


            I've also found another nasty issue with the newer version: The auto-update for definitions is too passive. From a thread in another forum, it seems it requires 10 minutes of no activity, plus CPU load under 10% before it will run an update. I do NOT leave my computer on 24-hours. I turn it on, use it for awhile, then turn it off. It doesn't sit around doing nothing. That means the only way I've been updating this week has been to force it manually.


            Admittedly, the previous version seems a bit too aggressive, and often slowed the computer down trying to do the update too soon after bootup and login. When I manually force this new version to update, it doesn't really affect things much as everything else has already loaded. I think the old version would have been OK, but with a little more time given after bootup or login before trying. At the minimum, this new version should get more aggressive the older the definitions are.

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              You'll get used to the interface, what isn't immediately obvious on the front can be found by clicking Navigation or Help at the top right.  I don't know but to me, with my monitor settings, it looks colourful enough.


              The 10 minute rule is actually 10 + 10 and then it goes ahead in any case.   Mine works fine despite high CPU activity.


              If yours doesn't perhaps a session online with Tech. Support Chat is in order.



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                This is insane. Today is the 22nd, but the last update was the 19th. WTF doesn't it list the DATE of the Last and Next updates? I know that 'last' update was MANUALLY run at that time on Sunday! This is very misleading.

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                  It wont ever list the next update as they can occur at any time 1 or more times daily.   You can always check when the last one was by clicking Navigation at top right then About over at the left.


                  If your last update was the 19th there is something serioiusly wrong and I think your best bet is to contact Technical Support Chat via Useful Links above.


                  It involves running Virtual Technician first, don't worry if that doesn't detect products as it often doesn't when they are supplied by 3rd parties such as Dell.

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                    The 'updates' lists both the 'Last upate' and the 'Next update'.


                    I let the computer just sit there for about 20 minutes, and it finally updated on it's own.


                    I still think it needs to be much more aggressive about doing updates.

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                      I think it's all going to be changed in the next year's version but have no idea how yet as haven't seen it.