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    VSE 8.7i Patch3 - High CPU utilization even though EPO set to use 30%?


      I'm not sure if this is a VSE or EPO problem.


      I have a scheduled task set to run a scan for Virus Scan 8.7i (so I'm assuming it's treated as an on-demand scan?)

      I have the Utilization set to 30%


      But the CPU utilization on the pc's is usually 70-95% during the scan32.exe process.


      I saw some notes mentioning that "utilization" isn't determined by CPU alone.


      This is on Windows XP Pro with SP3.


      Is there any way to adjust this?  We don't want to allow the users to defer scans, and we're okay with it taking longer, vs making the machine slow and practically unusable (which is happening now).


      VSE 8.5 doesn't seem to exhibit this same behavior (you may occasionally see it spike above 30% but it won't sit at 95% for almost an hour like VSE 8.7 will)


      One of my complaints about McAfee has always been their VSE scans have been resource intensive compared to most (not all) of their competition.