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    EPO 4.0 with Agent 4.5 not Deploying any task on Windows 7 64bit

      Hello All,

      I just deployed EPO 4.0 and patched it with release 7 and i was having issue deploying VSE 8.7i on windows 7 and i read few discussions and notice that i had to upgrade the Agent from 3.6 to 4.5 but even after the upgrade i started having issue with the agent itself. the EPO shows that the agent is deployed but when i try for pull out logs for it, it doest show reffer to attach screenhsot (EPO1.jpeg and EPO2.jpeg). also i have notice that the appache services on windows 7 in not stating up and the agent logs shows that it was unable to communicate with the epo server.



      any help is appreciated.




      note in screenshot EPO3.jpeg the extension in the configuration still shows 3.6