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    VirusScan Enterprise Linux 1.6.0 - Failed to load OAS profile


      Hi all,


      One of our SLES 10 boxes logged an error entry as follows:


      nailsd[17150]: Failed to load OAS profile

      nailsd[17150]: sendMessage 132 bytes write to fd 8 error n=-1 32 Broken pipe version=0x81000102


      I have found this KB65948 (refers to LinuxShield 1.5.1 though).


      The box is managed by ePO4.5P3, has agent running, updates to the latest DAT (6107), On-Access Scanning is running fine, policy settings coming down fine.


      Even though it appears that everything is running okay, I would appreciate comments/input of what might have gone wrong on this box.


      Comments are appreciated.