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    Buffer overflow - explorer.exe

      Any ideas on why "buffer overflow - explorer.exe" would just recently (last month or so) become very active.  Mostly when I'm in my folder structure.  I'm also experiencing "hangs" in certain folders - and when clicking on My Computer - I sometimes need to end task because the searchlight is the only thing that displays.  I update daily and run full scans several times a week - no problems ever show up??  I ran the error check for the system HD (where it runs when you boot) - everything was good?


      WinXp pro sp3

      HP workstation xw 4200

      IE 8

      Mcafee Int Security 3 user



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          FYI - I saw a post at another site that seems to have fixed my problems - thought I'd share it


          Go to My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View > Files and Folders


          Uncheck the box for - Automatically search for network folders and printers


          Mine was checked - after unchecking - seems like my entire system returned to the speed I was used to.