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        Right, so after whatever last nights update was [there were temp files from an update install in CC Cleaner when I did a sweep last night], the system tray icon for McAfee Security Centre - McAfee Total Protection [yerright!] will not work AND the Desktop Shortcut [for MC Agent - McAfee Security Centre] brings up a blank white window - the same size & shape as MSC - with the words 'navigation to this web page was cancelled'. Even going into the program files for McAfee and clicking the application there doesn't work.


        McAfee *thinks* it is alive and well because the system tray icon is the normal colour/type BUT what exactly has McAfee eff-ed up now?!!!


        An anti virus program that is completely inaccessible, great...


        At least it is not messing with my internet connection in any way, but WTF?!


        Just what the hell is happening at McAfee for such persistent incompetence to be causing undue stress & inconvenience to so many users Worldwide???


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          Download and run the MVT program see what it says.

          Run McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT)

          1. Launch your web browser and go to http://mvt.mcafee.com.
          2. On the Welcome screen, click Next.
                NOTE: The message McAfee Virtual Technician not found means that MVT is not installed on your system.
          3. Click Next again.
          4. When you are prompted to save or run the file, click Run. Click Run a second time if prompted by the Windows operating system.
                NOTE: Windows Vista and 7 users may be prompted to allow the application to run. Click Yes in the User Account Control dialog if prompted.
          5. Click I Agree to begin the installation.
          6. Click Finish to complete the installation.
          7. When the MVT installation completes, click Next to run the scan.
          8. If MVT detects issues with your McAfee software, leave the default option AutoFix and click Next.
                If there are no issues, MVT will complete on its own.
          9. When MVT and the AutoFix complete, restart your computer.

          See what it says

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            Thank you for that thorough response - I umm-ed and ahh-ed a bit about having anything further from McAwful loaded on my lappy BUT since I couldn't penetrate Total Insecurity to do anything else, I gave it a shot.


            MVT installed quickly and tidily, and when I scanned it reported 'no problems' with any aspect of my software. 'Great' I thought, where do we go from here..?


            Restarted as per your suggestion and McAfee now responds immediately to either desktop shortcut or system tray mouse clicks.


            So, what was 'wrong' I don't know - something in the update yesterday that corrupted the icon links? but then why did the application file on the C drive also not respond? After all, icons are only links to the program files themselves, and McAfee seemed to be active under it's impenetrable 'shell' because I visited a dodgy website on purpose and got the Site Advisor to warn me about suspicious activity and web page content blocked for safety reasons.


            So, cheers Tony,- you deserve a lot more back-up and thanks FROM McAwful for your services than you appear to get - the staff just don't seem to be able to cope without you volunteers.


            As for the programmers though, someone needs to stand on their toes and repeatedly 'apply' a rolled, damp, copy of the National Geographic to the sides of their heads... with extreme force.


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              I too had the issue of a blank white block after an update of Total Protection.  It has been resolved by doing the following:

              1. uninstall McAfee
              2. restart the system
              3. remove McAfee using MCPR
              4. restart the system
              5. download the product again (this was a recent upgrade)
              6. install McAfee again


              Problem solved.

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                If losing the Internet access cutting off peoples access to e-mail can cause this much anger, bitterness and frustration for a few hours of loss, what will happen when there is a malicious attack war and everyone's computer are shut off from the Internet for days on end? Has anyone prepared themselves for that day?


                McAfee had a DAT issue and everyone wants to hang the developers because they couldn't access e-mail or their social media, gaming, etc for a few hours of time. vulnerability and selfishness have erupted in abundance from an honest mistake.


                Does anyone think about what these people do all day every day? Does anyone think about what it takes to protect hundreds of millions to billions of people around the world with varying applications and technology that keep them connected 24/7? Does anyone think about the criminal minds spread out across the world who are on the attack 24/7 and what it means to those having to flawlessly develop the protection to meet the needs of every business and home user in the world?


                Seriously, it's not new, it periodically happens and people are not immune to mistakes in all facets of life. it's called human error and we should be thankful that there are people in this world who choose to work in a highly stressful environments to protect the rest of us as best they can from the evil people in this world. I am ashamed that we have become so vulnerable to the electronic technology that we would attack each other just because we were inconvenienced for in all reality is a small amount of time compared to the lifetimes we live.


                it is also pretty common knowledge that if something is not working correctly, one of the first serious actions you might want to take is to "SYSTEM RESTORE" or uninstall/reinstall. There are support options in place to assist you in your needs. If you don't want to pay for services then you choose to spend more time doing it yourself..  if McAfee finds they are in error chances are good they will not charge you in the end as I have encountered that for myself.


                Now, you may not like McAfee and fine, then find another software that will never give you any trouble and use it. Find another program that will block every single hacker from attacking your systems with malicious code leaving you with a flawless perfect computer that you will never have to face an issue with ever again and be done with it.


                To the person who threatened to remove her McAfee subscription to go back to Norton which she claimed never gave her a problem EVER!, then why did you leave the perfect technology of Norton and why does Norton have a support site with just as many frustrated people?  Just curious.


                I hate being the bad guy, but i really get angry with such rude behavior and disrespect for people who try to make others lives safer and better. There are far worse things in this world that need attention more then someone not getting into their e-mail or Facebook for a couple of hours or even a day.


                Now that I have released... I shall continue my day of securing people's personal lives to protect them from the electronic evil electronic doers of the world.


                Have great day! 


                PS... put an emergency plan in place for days when you won't be able to access technology for days to weeks possibly months on end as the personal lives will be the last to get re-connected if and when that day should come.

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                  So... having apparently cleaned out McAfee's nappy on my computer... till it sh1ts all over things again. My wife's computer looks ok, has been verfied by MVF, but refuses to recognize the 'run a scan' command, giving me a Security Centre window full of rubbish begining with 'V' about a stream or thread not being recognized.


                  I have uninstalled McAfee and am in the process of reinstalling it, except that the progress bar for actual install [not download, but install itself] has been hanging at about 70% for almost 30mins.


                  I know installing McAfee hogs a lot of resource, but 30mins at 70% progress??? Come on! What the hell am I supposed to do with that? I cannot hear the hard drive chugging away like I'd expect during an install and Ctrl+Alt+Del isn't working for me to see any greedy processes, non responsive processes, or overall CPU condition. The only options I have are -


                  i/ Wait, drink coffee, swear a lot, and the download goes nowhere.

                  ii/ Physically pull the plug, crash everything, switch back on - rip out all traces of McAfee AGAIN, install Microsoft Security Essentials, do a full MSE sweep for nasties and then run a full disc check on the C drive for integrity.


                  This is my day off and I am damned if I want to go with option ii, without input from McAfee - mods, anything???

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                    I suggest doing these instructions and make sure you uninstall and reinstall efficiently the first time



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                      And welcome to the world of IT professionals who deal with fixing computers every day do to inappropriate use, experimentors or incompatibilites with 10s of thousands of applications.


                      And we do this for other people on our days off and for free because we care.

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                        Arrogant sort ,aren't you? YOU do it because you like to feel superior...

                        • 449. Re: Firewall blocking internet connection

                          It is the arrogant that throws the tantrums.

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