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        I wish to add my voice to the many frustrated users here who have had this program go wacky and lock them out of the Internet. Once this program went nuts, nothing I could do would allow me to access the Internet. No warnings, no popups, no information at all that this "Security Program" had my connection by the throat and would not let go!


        The only reason i am back on line is that I dual boot with Linux. I would boot up in Ubuntu and have immediate Internet access. Some searching led me to this thread, and the one consistent message was, when this happens you have no choice but to uninstall and reinstall McAfee.

        This thread saved my day, and I wish to thank the community for that.

        I did, and as soon as I uninstalled, I was back on line. I reinstalled from the web site and seem to be back up and working. For how long, I don't know, but it's working right now.

        I hate to think about what a spot a person is in when they do not have an alternative way to access the Internet. The typical user would not have a chance.


        This is simply unacceptable. For this problem to have existed for the years this thread has been running, and it still happens day after day can only mean you have no idea how to fix your own software, and really do not care about it.


        My subscription is up in 127 days. I can assure you, unless I see something that convinces me that McAfee has fixed this, I am out of here, and the other three computers that my family uses as well.

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          I had the same problem - can't connect to the internet with no obvious reason with this computer (Windows 7 Home Premium). With McAfee support over the phone, I uninstalled and then re-installed McAfee Total Protection and was back on the Internet.


          Today, another computer (also Windows 7 Home Premium) on the Home Network protected by McAfee could see the home network but could not connect to the internet. Disabling McAfee's firewall did not help. Uninstalled McAfee and this other computer could access the internet.


          As well today I could not `Right Click' and Scan any files/downloads with this computer. I had a lot of trouble getting McAfee Virtual Technician to load from the Help Site - I eventually had to download it separately before I could get it to run. It found 3 different problems, fixed 2 and could not fix a Firewall problem. Although the Firewall was showing `Green' in actual fact a Service was not running. I searched for solutions but came up empty.


          So I uninstalled again and re-installed again. This time the Firewall was OK but I couldn't Scan and the Navigation Page was blank. I found a solution but, because the Navigation Page was blank I could not turn off some of the parts of McAfee that were preventing the solution (provided by McAfee) from running.


          So I went Online for some Help via chat. An hour later I got a very pleasant individual. I answered some questions and gave him access to my computer. He tried several things and ran some scripts from the Command Line Interface. There was a long pause and then he apologised - the problem is with McAfee and there should be a solution by 2100 Eastern ( 9 pm Eastern Daylight time)  or 0100 UTC. (about 30 minutes from now) Supposedly some new DAT files are being worked on right now.

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            Tony (Peacekeeper), that wasn't true for me.  I bought/downloaded McAfee directly from McAfee - not from a third party.  I had all the problems described above and only allowing someone from McAfee to take control of my system fixed it (only to be followed by further browser problems with the next update).  McAfee is really blowing it.  I've been a loyal and supportive user for many many years, but this is stretching my loyalty to the limits.  I hope they can get their act together before I give up and choose never to use them again.

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              Just adding my frustration here.     I have the GUID_MFE_CONNECT_CALLOUT_V4 issue.    Uninstalled the software and my internet connectivity came back.

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                Added the GUID_MFE_CONNECT_CALLOUT_V4 issue. to our call agenda for Monday. Re connection issue johntrottier what version did you get?


                Timsteele a reinstall will fix this for 99.9% certainity. As I mentioned an install rfrom the aussie server will get you the new 2012 version that has some new features and no issue re connection.


                above steps to remove mcafee reboot and run

                http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/Mcpreinstall.e xe


                Reinstall from your account


                The DELL issue could be a new 1


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                  I just wanted to chip in with what worked for me. A simple McAfee uninstall and install via https://home.mcafee.com/Secure/Protected/Login.aspx

                  Hope this works at least for some.



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                    My experience was different. I use McAfee Security Suite as a download from my ISP. On the evening of Aug 17th I was able to connect to the internet without issue. On the mornng of the 18th I was not able to connect to the internet. At first I did not suspect McAfee as an issue. All my other computers and  devices were able to get on the internet and none have McAfee installed. I still did not put two and two together because not only could my McAfee PC not access the internet but I could not ping any other device, including the router on my home network from that PC. Also, no other PC could ping the problem computer. I even went as far as removing the router from the problem and connecting PC's hardwire using a switch with the same result.


                    Only after searching Windows 7 event viewer did I notice many services on the McAfee PC were in a stopped status. I then called my ISP with the specific question: Are you having calls about people using McAfee Security Suite and unable to log onto the internet. The answer was yes and it started the morning of Aug 18th 2012. I asked for help and my ISP told me to contact Microsoft as it was a Microsoft issue. Microsoft site points to an issue with McAfee and not them. McAfee site states they are working with Microsoft to fix issue. One issue I saw was if you uninstalled McAfee you would get BSOD on Win 7 and Vista boxes.


                    In the end I decided to disable all McAfee services and perform a restore from Win 7 from two days prior to the problem.  This got me back on the internet and I am not going to re-enable to services until I know the fix.


                    This took me many hours and much frustration. If I did not have another PC for research and review I would still be dead in the water. McAfee needs to take ownership and eliminate this issue from ever occuring again. What happened to QA processes?

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                      Thanks bwestein. Actually, I had exactly the same experience here - 17th all working fine, this morning - nothing could reestablish web connection. But again, uninstalling -reinstalling McAfee worked.

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                        Well well .... I was reading this post from May and I though the problem had been identified and fixed back then and for some reason re-appeared (as I have the same problem since yestarday, but apparently it seems this problem was never really fixed. Furthermore McAfee gives only technical assistance (!!?!?!) on weekdays 09-17h (at least in my country - Portugal -).

                        Anf from what I've been read about it, it seems thay have no clue how to solve it. Itought it was just a matter of re-installation but it seems more serious than that!....

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                          Well, I have had enough! I have been through the support process with McAfees call centre in India. The solution given was to uninstall McAfee and reinstall from my account.


                          The result was that on reboot before the reinstall, the system has gone to crash dump and will only boot in safe mode.


                          Three cheers for McAfee! I don't care whether the cause was Dell or McAfee. It is McAfee's responsibility to test its software before releasing. I use a Dell laptop, probably one of the biggest selling machines on the market.


                          Have spent the weekend recovering backups to another machine and doing a system restore. I am now at the point where I have to work out what to delete and how.


                          Now very cheesed off!!!

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