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    Firewall blocking internet connection

      Assumption: My internet connection at my dormitory is being blocked by McAfee's firewall.


      How I know: The internet connection works perfectly as long as McAfee's firewall is turned off.


      What I have done so far to fix the problem:

      1) I ran the Virtual Technician and got no error results.

      2) I searched through the FAQ section of this website and found several solutions such as directly opening a port through the firewall to the internet, allowing all internet browsing programs through the firewall, reseting ALL of the firewall customization options, and several other miscellanous options that dealt with changing settings within the firewall. I performed each of the suggested solutions and it did not resolve the problem.

      3) I reset the connection several times, restarted my laptop, and set up the connection as a "Home" network, allowing all privileges to the connection. None of my attempts resolved the problem.

      4) I uninstalled and reinstalled McAfee, but the firewall was still blocking the internet connection.

           *Edit* Uninstalled and reinstalled a second time via the MCPR with no luck.

      5) I searced these forums for similar problems, and found several posts, none with direct answers.

      6) I finally attempted to simply use Window's firewall and patiently wait for an update to hopefully solve the issue only to find that McAfee is "managing" Windows firewall and I cannot do anything with it.


      Miscellanous information about the issue:

      The internet connection with the firewall on will seldomly and randomly start working for anywhere from one (1) to five (5) minutes before stopping.

      The internect connection in my dormitory is a Local Area Network (LAN) connection using an ethernet cable. There are no issues with the physical connection or ethernet cable.

      My laptop is currently running Windows 7 Professional.

      There are no specific error messages given besides the common "Cannot connect to the server at ...." when browsing.


      My question:

      As I previously stated, I have read several forum posts like this one and none (0) of them ever received a resolution before they were marked as "possibly answered."


      Is there an immediate solution to this problem?


      If not, is McAfee planning to release a software update that will fix the problem?






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          Thanks for proving  such a brief information about the issue , yet a  few clarifiations on this issue;


          1. Are we receiving any errors while going on the internet ?
          2 . Please check the date & time settings of your computer (this might be a resaon for MVT to report as product expired)
          3. After installing McAfee did we check if the browser is been blocked under firewall section ?
          IF not - Please check the following ;

          Double-click the M icon in your taskbar.
          Click Web and Email Protection.
          Click the Firewall link.
          In the Firewall options window, confirm that the Firewall is On.
          Click the Program Permissions drawer. 
          Scroll through the list and make note of any application rules you may have created, especially block rules. 
          Consider granting outbound access to programs for which you require network connectivity:

          {iexplore.exe- Internet Explorer (This is a Microsoft browser.) }

          Please check the above and get back to us .

          Dinesh K
          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            Thank you for your reply.


            #1) Yes, I am receiving an error that it cannot connect to the internet within Firefox, IE, Opera, and Safari, but this is simply the common connection issue error and contains no specifics. You can duplicate it yourself by disconnecting from the internet and trying to visit any website.
            #2)This was not part of the issue, but this issue fixed itself after uninstalling/reinstalling McAfee the first time. I left this part up to confirm that I had already used MVT.

            #3) McAfee does this automatically, but forgive me for not wording #2 better. Yes, I did give access through the firewall for all internet requiring internet browsers.


            If there is anything else, let me know. Updating the main post to make it easier.

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              Suddenly, my internet connection got disconnected , Just like you I tried everything under the sun to restore the connection but could not done it.

              As net was not working I was not able to take any online help.

              Interesting thing was when i restarted the computer Internet was on for few seconds while all the processes are being setup but then the yellow triangle would show up indicating bad internet connection.

              I had tried switching off real scanning but that didnt help.


              Today I had an Eureka moment and switched off firewall and here I am writing this post.


              Well I appreciate your concern about firewall, you may like to do the following

              1. Check Firewall settings
              2. Goto Security levels
              3. Turn on Firewall
              4. Is Stealth  option on then select outgoing access(Recommended) , this seems to be the curlprit.
              5. Easier was is to just restore defaults.

              That should solve the problem.


              Hope it helps.


              Happy Surfing....

              PS: Mcafee can add this post under FAQs

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                Thank you for your reply and thank you for bringing up that subject.


                Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the problem for me, as my security settings are set to Outgoing Access (Recommended), but I have tried all of the other security settings (except Lockdown) to see if it would help the problem any. I found that while under the "Stealth" setting, it tends to completely block the connection entirely.


                Also, the Monitored Access security settings seems to work fine while using a Wireless Connection, but does not identify me of "Unrecognized Programs" while using a LAN connection.


                Finally, I have also discovered that McAfee's Firewall performs admirably while using a Wireless Connection, but will block the connection if connected using a LAN connection. I have tried several different Wireless and LAN connections to test this fact.

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                  Squeakurs escribió:



                  Finally, I have also discovered that McAfee's Firewall performs admirably while using a Wireless Connection, but will block the connection if connected using a LAN connection. I have tried several different Wireless and LAN connections to test this fact.

                  I'm having this same problem, why is it blocking LAN but WiFi works? i found about it because i moved my comp (where it is normally placed it doesn't reach the wifi signal), what can i do to make it work normally with LAN and don't have it blocked?

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                    I have the same problem on a customers laptop. Turn off the firewall and all worked fine including updates from McAfee.

                    After reading all the post suggestions I checked the connection area and all ip areas that the customer had been at was permitted including our network but yet no internet connection. IP address was assigned but was limited. I clicked on the restore defaults button while in the connection window and this restore the internet connection to all three browsers. The connections allowed were reset  the previous ones were cleared out.

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                      I have experienced a similar issue.  I designed and maintain a website hosted by Yahoo and, after the new install of McAfee, was unable to open site in a browser window, unable to open the site in Frontpage, and unable to view the site from within Yahoo's Control Panel.


                      When I contacted Tech Support at McAfee, the tech turned off the Firewall and I was able to access the site, when he turned it back on, it would not let me view the site.


                      The tech guy spent about an hour and a half and did some stuff which allows access to the site.


                      His answer to me was that the site does not have a dedicated IP and so McAfee is blocking it.  Also, said that any computer with McAfee installed would not be able to access my site.  How ludicrous!  I had no problem before the new update and now I'm told that McAfee is blocking access to my site, and any other site that might be hosted by Yahoo Small Business.  Tell me that's not a bug!!!!!!!

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                        I experience the same issue. Is there any solution to fix it?

                        Thanks for your tips.

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                          Go to Firewall/Settings/Net Guard and add the IP address and tell McAfee to allow the IP address

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