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    Non-functioning - McAfee Encrypted USB devices

      I have been given 2 USB devices fresh out of the box and the startup software is not loading for either one (and I cannot browse them..they appear in my drive listing but do not open).

      I've confimed that my USB ports are active and other USB drives work fine.


      Question, is there a place where I can download the software which is supposed to be installed on these drives?


      FYI...These are new but I am unable to return to vendor since they were bought more than a month ago....



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          as long as you have a support contract, you should be able to log a ticket with McAfee and get these devices flashed back to default. It depends on whether they are SanDisk or MXI ones though.

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            Sean Slattery

            I'm in a similar situation. I have two Biometric devices 8GB and 320GB HD (SafeBoot/Phanton) and a Sandisk 8GB AV device. All have been working fine for months, if not years. I decide to integrate them into ePO with the, at the time latest 1.2, ePO extensions and during the process of upgrading the read-only partitions, the process fails. The read only partitions are now empty and none of the managment tools is able to reprovision them. These devices do NOT ship with grant numbers so calling support is problematic. I have many other Biometric and Sandisk AV devices that work just fine. Physically my devices are fine, the software portion just died. I asked the MXI stand at Focus about the problem and they were stumpted too. So currently I have about $1000 of paperweights! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

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              If you have a valid support contract for the McAfee USB devices, then you can get access to support, and of course the support needed to rebuild the devices.

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                There is a new ePO managed Encrypted USB 1.4 beta version available for download and then follow the below steps and check whether the devices which does not have application partition gets managed.


                1.      Open ePO and Checkin the Encrypted USB 1.4 extension “EUC140LEN_IPEX.zip”.

                2.      Go to Master repository and checkin the Encrypted USB software packages: For AV image - “DPEUPM211100.zip”, “DPEUPM501100.zip” and for Non AV image – “DPEUPM211100_AV.zip”, “DPEUPM501100_AV.zip”.

                3.      Create a task to deploy the Encrypted USB client.

                4.      Go to the client machine and perform ASCI from MA and confirm that the Encrypted USB 1.4 client is installed.

                5.      Go to ePO and enable the device type in the “Encrypted USB Settings” under “Server Configurations”.

                6.      Open ePO and go to policy catalog and check whether the Encrypted USB 1.4 policies are available.

                7.      Select the system where Encrypted USB client is installed and select the option “Modify Policies on a single system” and select “Encrypted USB Client 1.4.0” from the product drop down list.

                8.      Select “Edit Assignment” option under action column and select the policy which needs to be applied.


                ·         If the admin wants to apply the Initialization and authentication policy for all device types, then click on “New Policy Instance” option and keep adding the policies for all device types. Save the policy.

                ·         Both Initialization and Authentication policy of a particular device needs to be applied (in pair) onto the client system to manage it.

                9.      Select the system for which the policies are assigned and click on “Wake up Agents”.

                10.  Go to the client system and open the McAfee agents monitor, and check an entry “Enforcing Policies for DPEUCLNT1000” and then “Agent finished enforcing policies” entry appears. This confirms that the policy is been enforced.

                11.  Go to the Encrypted USB Client installed path (C:\Program Files\McAfee\Encrypted USB Client\store) and get the confirmation that all the policy files are available.

                12.  The policy files are:

                For MXI Devices:

                ·         POLICY01.bin

                ·         POLICY02.bin

                ·         POLICY03.bin

                ·         POLICY04.bin

                ·         POLICY05.bin

                13.  Plug in the device which needs to be managed by ePO (Standalone - which does not have application partition) for which the policy is been applied.

                14.  Initialization process starts and completes.

                15.  Personalization process starts create a password/finger enrollment and complete the personalization process.

                16.  After getting the personalization completed successfully message go to ePO. Open the Encrypted USB Devices page (in ePO 4.5 go to Systems tab and open the Encrypted USB Devices page).

                17.  Confirm that a device entry gets created for the device which was initialized and personalized above and all the properties of it is been displayed.


                Even after this if the devices does not get managed then please contact the Encrypted USB support team to get the device rever back to standalone mode.