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    SBAppLog Corruption



      My firm is using Application Control within Endpoint Encryption to block certain P2P applications.  When we turned it on initially, we also turned on Application Logging, thinking that we might need those logs to troubleshoot or something.  Turns out that we didn't, so last week, I selected a few user groups and I turned off the App Logging.  Then I applied the config to entire group, excluding tokens.  End result:  The next time the user syncs with the server, the user object is somehow getting corrupt on the physical machine.  Once this corruption takes place, the only course of action that will resolve is to remove EEPC and delete the machine object and the user ojbect from the database and start fresh.  This has happend on about 1500 users/machines.  I have 24,000 machines, and the SPAPPLOG file is getting pretty big on some computers.  Has anyone ever seen this before and how can I avoid it?  I can attache the SBClientlog.txt if that would be helpful.


      EndPoint Encryption 5.1.8, planning an upgrade to 5.2.3 in the next three weeks.