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    McAfee Security Center - Interface problems.

      I'm a retired software designer. A new version of Mcafee Security Center was automatically installed on my machine (Windows 7 Ultimate , Dell Studio XSP, IE 8, 64 bits) on 8/20/2010 since than I've discovered a number of problems.

      1. The new version has an "mangeled" interface, not all the text is shown, and in many cases lettters overlap other letters, and some letter a trimmed. As I understand the interface runs in a IE shell, but I can't use the Compatibility View, that helped me in other cases..  When I try to work with the interface, lets say , change Security Levels, the screen is disabled to start with, there are two buttons: "Restore Defaults" and "Turn On". The "Restore Defaults" button is disabled. The "Turn On" button is enabled, yet when I click on it, the entire interface become enabled for a split second and all returns to be disabled. THis prevents me for changing the security levels so I can deal with my other problems.

      2. Since the installation my Outlook incoming mail is not working.

      3. A new version of iTunes 10, that was installed after 8/20 can't connect to the internet - the previous version did work, but I suspect that the Security Center has something to do with it.

      Please sww attached 2 screen captures.

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