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    MVM 7.0 - 3000 Appliance

      We have a customer who has the following:


      Two (unused, NEW) MVM3000 Appliances - (up to 14,000 IP's)




      1. Can we install the appliances with MVM immediately and do we use the .exe from the download site or is there an iso somewhere


      2. Each appliance has 4 NIC's is there a recommended use of these.


      3. I plan the seperate the components as follows:


      1st Appliance: Enterprise Manager, Report Engine - one IP address on NIC1

      2nd Appliance: Scan Controller, Scan Engine, API Server, Notification service, Data synchronization service, Database and Configuration Manager - one IP address on NIC1


      Any info and advice on experiance would be most welcome.





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          The ISO images come with Foundstone 6.8.  If you wish to run Foundstone 7.0, you may use the copy that you download from the website.  Keep in mind the web application scanning module is now a separate license.  The appliances come with a hardened, stripped OS, you will need to install MSSQL which should have come in the box.  The ISO may be requested from technical support, you will need to provide the serial numbers of the appliances.  The NICS is your choice, I typically use the onboard NIC.  Keep in mind there is also an out of band management interface.