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    HBSS blocking installation of SQL service pack 3 / stopping Tomcat server?



      This is actually a 2 part question.


      First, a user is claiming HBSS is preventing them from installing MS-SQL Service Pack 3 on a database server. I think it's possible that application protection might be preventing changes from being made. How could you stop application protection from blocking installation of SP3 (if that is in fact what is causing the problem) without disabling it for every other server?


      Second, another issue a user is having is that HBSS is preventing a Tomcat webserver from starting. One unusual symptom is that just before Tomcat attempts to start up, there are failed log entries for McAfee AV attempting to scan within some java *.jar files. I couldn't see how there would be a connection between Tomcat not starting and failed AV scans, but user states this pattern occurs each time without exception.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance,