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    starting programs on and XP system runs very slow for the forst time


      I have a users system that's running 8.7i patch3, anitispyware module, epoagent 4.5.


      the user says this:


      After login start Windows Task Manager

      Then start outlook and/or firefox. Notice that mcshield and other macafee programs taking
      CPU and the program starting getting almost no time. Wait, wait, wait for the program to
      appear and be active. Exit the program.

      Start the program again and notice almost immediately the program is getting CPU time
      and MacAfee programs are mostly idle. Program starts almost at once.

      Why the difference?



      Now i have reinstalled all mcafee product from scratch and still the same problem. the system is a Lenovo T61P, dual core, 3gb ram, xp with sp3.


      Any thoughts?