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    why did McAfee do so bad in the av test


      McAfee did really bad and didnt get a certificate why did they score so bad?



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          Peter M

          My question would be, 'who paid for the test?" but a link to it might help.



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            Peter M

            Ah, thanks.   Well I guess you win some and lose some as they say.  I doubt you'll get any corporate bods here commenting although you never know.


            I've seen other tests where McAfee has come out very high, and then others not so good, seems to depend who is testing and how they go about it I suppose..

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              Mcafee scoring high on detection rates ha what a joke , this antivirus is one of the worst money can buy, i'll never ever buy mcafee again once my subscription expires.

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                they arent the worst i mean i thought they would of done better because it saved me from a back door trojan =/

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                  Peter M

                  There is no such thing as an antivirus that stops 100% of what's out there.  That's why we mods recommend supplementary antisapyware apps as well.

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                    Don't be fooled thinking that if it stopped a backdoor means it it excelates in malware detection, McAfee has a hard time keeping up with fake av suites & exploits, it also misses malicious java scrip injections and even a lot of old malware is still undetected, it failes to clean up the mess done by malware on a infected system, fails to stop malicious applications that disable the antivirus protection, a lot of improvements can be added to McAfee's products, it's a shame McAfee didn't get the Av-test.org certification to be honest, but i cant say it surprises me.

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                      Oh I can answer that question really easily for you, here's a good example of the appaling after service and customer service that McAfee offer once they have happily taken your cash. I renewed my subscription about 6 weeks ago and purchased the 'Total Protection Suite' After 24 hours of installing the product when I clicked on the programme to start it, all I got was a blank white rectangle in the middle of my screen...since then I have sent 6 e-mails to various different individuals in their customer service dept because I get a reply from a different person on every one that I send despite the fact that I address it to someone in particular, that is I state their name. I have been on the online tech support 8 times dealing with people who are based in India and can barely speak English and whose knowledge of computer systems is abysmal to say the least. On 2 occasions now my issue has been escalated to a 'tier 2' where the technician called my but I could hardly understand a word he was saying because his English was so poor. When they failed to fix the issue it was then escalated to 'tier 3' this happened on 3 occasions...but the problem is still not fixed. 8 times they have uninstalled and reinstalled the programme despite the fact that I have told every single one of them that this will not resolve the probem.

                      Not only that...I placed all my files and data from my Phd which I am in my 2nd year of into the McAfee Vault but when they uninstalled the programmed they also deleted all my files as well...

                      I am no nearer to solving the problem of the programme not functioning and have no idea where I can go from here...and you wonder why they did so badly in the AV test and didnt get a certificate????



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                        Peter M

                        Dierdre, what version of Internet Explorer is installed?  Open it and click Help/About.   Despite whatever browser is set as your default McAfee relies on IE to function correctly.


                        As this is your first post it would have been best in its own thread as this is a particular issue that should be dealt with here.   This thread is really about the comparitive test of various AV applications.


                        Where do you get your McAfee software from, McAfee, your ISP or your computer-maker?



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