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    DAT versions in "Master Repository Status" on EPO-Dashboard not conform




      in our EPO 4.0 environment the "Master Repository Status" on the DAshboard is not conform. I do'nt understand, why the "Latest Available" is less than "My Repository"!?

      On Friday both DAT versions have had the same DAT versions 6101.000. And today I see this mismatch.

      I also checked the "Packages in Master Repository" and found the latest DAT version 6104.


      Why the status is'nt conform today? During the last month we hav'nt any problems with this indicator.

      I also restarted the Task "Update Master Repository". The task finished without errors successful.

      And all EPO-Clients have the latest DAT 6104 today.


      How can I fix this missmatch?




      Thanks and greetings from Germany



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