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    Slow initial FTP connection inside LAN with SG300 v3.2.2

      I don't think this always has been the case, but recently I have noticed connecting to my FTP Server on my local LAN that my snapgear runs is slow. Once connected, changing directories, transferring files is zippy.


      On any of my computers FTP clients, I type in the local IP of the FTP server and username/password and hit 'ok' and it takes 20 seconds before I get a directory listing of my FTP server.


      If I use the external public IP address or DNS name for my FTP server the same thing happens from the local LAN.


      If I go home and FTP-in then logging into my FTP server via it's IP address or DNS name is nice and quick - 3 seconds or so.


      I have a different router that I hooked up and with the different router, I didn't have the slow FTP logins. So I figure I must have something configured on the snapgear wrong.


      Any suggestions on what to look for?  Doesn't seem to matter if I use Active or Passive ftp settings in my FTP client.