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    Issues with update applied 9/11/2010

      Boy, this was fun. I am running Windows 7 x64.


      McAfee downloaded an update for me and only partially applied it or something. Initially I though it was funny when Windows flashed up that I needed antivirus software while the update was being applied.


      When I rebooted, all my gadgets were blank or very funny looking, IE8 would not follow any links, MVT would not come up, and the McAfee control panel was blank. After spelunking around for a while, I saw a post that suggested running update again for a second time. I did that, and it fixed parts of the problem!


      Now, my PC still doesn't have anti-virus, just the other stuff, and it won't install if using the McAfee control panel, the option is there but don't do anything. MVT doesn't come up unless it takes more than 15.


      To add Insult to injury, I just uninstalled McAfee so that I could re-install it, and it wouldn't uninstall the site advisor, there was an error while uninstalling it, but I don't get a second chance, that option isn't there. There's still listed in IE8, but disabled.


      BTW, I was using 5 of my 1 license, all 5 on machines that have exactly the same name as my PC for some reason.<wink>


      I'll post again if a re-install doesn't fix it.