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    Virus file updates.


      I normally check for my update manually, but now want to set them automatic. I did so, just as I had done previously before changing to manually, but it did not check for updates. Does this happen at boot up, or browser launch, or just at certain times? Is there something in my services I may have accidentally turned off?

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          My understanding of this is the software will automatically check for updates every 4 hours if you have automatic updates turned on.

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            The 2010 version has a new feature called Smart Timer that sees if the PC is in use and holds off updating till it is idle. this was brought in as many users complained it updated in the middle of presentations etc so it was included in this version. Unfortunately Smart timer causes problem itself being too strict on updating so one could go without updates for a while if you do not go away and leave the PC idle. To improve on this version 10.5 included features to update if the PC has been idle for 10 minutes and an update had failed due to activity. There are several other options as well built in so if you are worried use manual update it should work or leave the PC on while you have a coffee. It does work just not so smart sometimes.

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              Great. Awesome! Thanx for the info. I feel better better now.

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                When a scheduled update is to occur, McAfee checks to see if machine is idle. If not, it waits 10 minutes and  checks again. If idle, installs update. After two hours of checking, if machine  is still not idle, update will proceed anyway.


                That is what we have been told thopugh the 10mins is more like 15



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