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    Interface Language

      Just purchased a new PC running Windows 7. I live in Japan and the PC came with a Japanese OS. Went to McAfee.com and selected "United States - English". Downloaded Internet Security 2010. The download and installation was in English, but the final product has a Japanese interface. I can't read Japanese, so I need to fix this issue. I assume I have to uninstall and re-download. Any ideas as to how to get around the language problem?




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          Hi Dave,


          What is the Operating System that you are using, also when you say "PC came with a Japanese OS" - what is the language of your O/S - Is that Japanese (or) English?

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            The OS is Windows 7 Premium 64 bit. Yes, it's a Japanese language OS.




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              We have a similar case in this thread however it is a Spanish/English issue, but from that thread it appears that the installer now reads the OS's language settings.  This to me is a serious matter as hitherto anyone could download and install whatever language interface they wanted - useful for ex-pats in foreign countries and as OS language packs have suddenly become popular since the advent of Vista, logical.


              I have made this a question on the agenda for our Monday afternoon conference call with McAfee.   I can't promise anything but I will try.



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                Changed the Region and Language settings in my computer, then reinstalled McAfee. No joy unfortunately. Japanese version again. Any idea as to how to get around this? How does McAfee decide which language interface to install?

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                  Apparently it now reads the OS language.  It never used to and that's why I'm asking questions on our Monday conference call.

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                    I'd really like an English OS for obvious reasons. The cheapest and simplest option here in Japan, is to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate. Ultimate allows you to switch the OS interface between multiple languages. As I understand it, the initial interface is still in Japanese; you then download the language packs. Wonder how McAfee would cope with this?

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                      The OS language would still be Japanese so I wonder about that too.  I will ask.

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                        Is your operating system the variety that can install language  packs?   The way to check is ask Windows Update to look for all updates,  not just security ones and they are offered as optional updates, or if  previously offered may be in the hidden updates section..


                        The management on our conference call weren't sure if one could fool it into thinking it was an English machine by installing the English language pack, then enabling it and rebooting to make sure.

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                          Sorry, I just realised that you already said you would have to upgade to enable language packs.


                          Another user has a similar issue English/Spanish so will ask him to see what he says.

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