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    can not load AD user profile because of cookies



      i recently updated epo and agent from version 4.0 to 4.5. After that some users could not log on to the domain. The get an error like "profile could not be loaded: access denied: cookie@bla.txt". The user profiles are on a server which is secured by the latest agend and VSE 8.7i. The OnAccessScanLog shows the shows an entry for cookie@bla.txt:


      10.09.2010 10:21:33 Keine Aktion durchgeführt XXX\XXX System:Remote I:\UserProfiles\XXX\Cookies\XXX@ww251.smartadserver[1].txt\00000000.ie Cookie-Adserver (Potentiell unerwünschtes Programm)
      translated it says:  "No Action taken" and  "(potentially unwanted program)"
      Once the cookie is manually deleted, the user can log on.
      Manually deleting the cookies takes a lot of time. So i simply scanned the profiles folder but it did not find any virus/potentially unwanted program. For the meantime i deactivated the scanning for "potentially unwanted programs" for this server.
      any ideas?