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    IPS Policy Report saved file can't be opened , "The Compressed  zipped  Folder is invalid or corrupted."


      We have tried to run the "IPS Policy Report" and save it as an html file.  We can run and save the file  although it is very slow .


      When we go to open the .zip file we get an error message as follows, "The Compressed  zipped  Folder is invalid or corrupted."  We have tried to save 2 different policies and get the same error each time.


      When we try to open the file on my corporate computer  vs. the NSM , get the following error message, "Please insert the last disk of the Multi-Volume set and click OK to continue."


      The issue appears to be only with the  html version.  An html report is saved as a .zip file.  Able to  successfully save a .csv version of the report and read  it.


      file://\\DALFILESUP1\connect_care_linked_documents\3-1177503491  Any suggestions?