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    Where is License Usage?

      Maybe this is just because it's Friday or I'm being dense, but I cannot find the page in MVM 7 that tells me my licensing.  Release notes from MVM 7.0 claim this is now available (see below excerpt from Release Notes)... where am I missing it?  The only place I've found it so far is by stopping and manually launching FSUpdate but that's obviously not a good way of doing it.


      On a related note-- can anyone explain to me exactly how license usage is determined?  I know it's based on Live IP's but what is defined as that?  When does a Live IP stop being a Live IP?  Are they counted enteprise-wide or is it per scan?  If I schedule a discovery scan of a subnet with 10 live IPs and then separately a full vulnerability scan of that same subnet does that count as 10 licenses or 20?



      License usage displayed in the UI

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          Figured this out-- have to be logged in as the "globaladmin" account to see this, an account I never even heard of until today.  Not only is that were the license info is but it also explains the active IP criteria.  Scanned within last 90 days and at least 1 vuln associated with it.