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    VSE, DAT Updates, Agent Update intervals + Collect & Send Props


      With the recent VBMania virus at large and the 6101 DAT that addresses the issue, it has come to my attention that Agents are not updating themselves as fast I would expect.


      For reference we are running:


      ePO 4.5 (Build 851)

      McAfee Agent

      VSE 8.7i Patch 3


      The master respository and 4 agent handlers/distributed respositories all report that they have downloaded DAT 6101, however, clients are not seeing the updates after the 60 min communication interval and 5 min enforcement policy we have setup.


      If we right-click the shield icon and select Update Security... the new DAT is pulled down and applied successfully but not via the agent communication interval.


      When we had consultancy to implement ePO and VSE 8.7i, it was my understanding that the McAfee Agent overrides the VSE "AutoUpdate" task and updated DAT files (if available on each enforcement).


      Currently the DAT definitions do not seem to update on the clients until the next day (which matches the greyed out default 5pm "AutoUpdate" task for VSE).


      Is this behaviour expected (I couldn't see a way of altering the update schedule for all clients unless we used installation designer 8.7.0 to create a customised installation) or should the McAfee Agent be pulling the definition files down with it's normal "Collect and Send Props" process?


      I've included some screenshots below for clarification.


      Many thanks in advance for any help!


      N.B. Just at the end of completeing this post, I noticed their is a client task entitled "Product Update" which has a DAT tick-box, I'm guessing this needs to be setup to solve the above?