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        14 - Reprocess.    Rather than release an email, it would be nice to reprocess it.  Allowing the rules to be re-evaluated against it so that a change can be determined to have fully resolved an issue or the correct action is taken.

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          That is a nice list and I agree with your input.

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            Wecsoc, winative, DBO, runcmd and jmaaska - thank you all for your feedback, we'll log these and take them into consideration for subsequent releases.

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              jmaaska wrote:

              9 - Queue Search - restricted to ~3 days.   The queue search is great, but the ability to extend the duration would be wonderful.   (Important)

              This is already there, but could be a lot more descriptive as to what it actually is (going back to #5).


              To change the schedule as it currently is set up, go to Administration --> Cleanup Schedule.  The File Type is Statistics.

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                A few additional thoughts:


                • Provide users with the ability to type message numbers through the quarantine release interface so that emails that have already been released can be whitelisted, providing that the message number has not already been purged from the logs.
                • Provide administrators with an additional option in the queue search results to "Submit message signature to TrustedSource as Spam"
                • Regular expression searching of the user list for encrypted email and/or the ability to export the list
                • Give us the ability to do packet captures from the appliance itself (like tcpdump)



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                  1. Provide a way to directly forward virus infected messages that are NOT detected as viruses to McAfee, without having to download and ZIP the attachment up. We get many messages a week with infected ZIP attachments that neither McAfee or Authentium detect, and it's cumbersome and risky downloading them to my PC just to resend them.

                  2. Add a System Defined Header Analysis rule that adds points for a message that is smaller than an adjustable size. We get thousands of spams a day that are all under 1k bytes, and just about every message we've even seen below that size is spam.

                  3. The ability to export and import the full configuration, so that when we migrate to a new apliance next year, we can bring along all the User Defined Header Analysis header rules we've added, along with all whitelist entries.

                  4. On the queue Management tab, please give us the ability to disable the three charts, they aren't needed, and they slow the page down.

                  5. Add the ability to insert text into the top of forwarded messages, so that I can forward messages with comments as needed.


                  Al McCann



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                    Oops, one:


                    6. Add a 'Top Subject Line' count to the incoming reports, we get thousands of viagra (and sometimes watches) spams with indentical subject lines. Seeing the top 10 subject lines would help filter this junk.

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                      Thank you for the additional suggestion.  Makes a lot of sense.  Will add it to our enhancement request database.




                      Gary Ulaner

                      Product Management

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                        I'm glad if you still accept wishes...collected from my end-customers and our tech-supports.


                        [New feature]
                        1) Un-install option:
                        if critical bug is found after upgrade or installation of Hotfix and there is no workaround for that,
                        then customers need to re-image the appliance (to downgrade) and lose all quarantines messages.


                        2) End-User Blacklist:


                        1) Backup option, backup all configurations plus quarantined messages:
                        When a hardware issue occur and need to replace the box, customers need to lose all quarantines messages.


                        2) Visible backup file:
                        I want visible backup file and can be edited and reviewed by anyone without restoring it to MEG.
                        As Switches and Routers do the way, it's more convenient.


                        3) Download admin-selected logs by one-click option:


                        4) Notification option for messages quarantined in Failure queue:
                        I have already submitted it PER but many customers still request this feature.


                        5) Provide more authority (privilege) in general for admin users:
                        Customers can deal with most issues without waiting for the support reply.


                        Able to see and check hardware logs(dmessages) and internal information such as database logs(CLI and GUI).
                        Able to restart process such as Update process(CLI).
                        Able to change all configurations by CLI.


                        Thank you.



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                          I've though up another suggestion:


                          Allow replaceable variables in the user defined local header rules. For instance - we get a lot of spam now with the subject line consisting of just the first part of the recipients email address. In my case, I get email with the subject line of just amccann which is the part before the @ sign of my email address. Variables such as %localaddress%, %domainname%, etc would be a big help in adding user defined rules, without having to add a dictionary.