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    Enterprise 1100f and virtual firewalls



      Trying to implement multiple virtual firewalls on our new 1100F.  Having trouble having them work independently with separate routing tables and default routes.  Cisco calls this VRFs or Forwarding Information Bases, etc...


      Would like to have two of the physical ports dedicated to the WAN edge firewall function (with it's own virtual firewall), and another set of physical ports dedicated to providing enclave firewall protection (separate virtual firewall inside the same chassis, but with different rules and different default route).  Can't seem to get this working properly on the sidewinder, although it works fine with the Cisco.  Are we missing something?  Not finding anything about it in the manuals.  Thanks.



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          what exactly virtualisation You would like to do? Where are you looking in manuals?



          Till now I heard only that Sidewinder is able to run multiple firewalls on one ESX server. But this mean that to do different routing tables, VRF, different policies You have to start another instance (virtual machine) of the Sidewinder firewall. You are not able to do VRFs, policy routing on one single firewall. Also I think 1100F is not ESX model of Sidewinder. Sidewinder is more firewall than router comparing with Cisco. Cisco instead has more router capabilities but less firewall ones than Sidewinder.



          Of course it is possible that I am wrong.






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