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    Widespread Reporting of “Here you have” Virus (aka W32/VBMania@MM)


      McAfee has received confirmation that some customers have received large volumes of spam containing a link to malware, a mass-mailing worm identified as VBMania. The symptom reported thus far is that the spam volume is overwhelming the email infrastructure.


      Static URLs in the email link to a .SCR file. McAfee recommends that customers filter for the URL on gateway and email servers, and block the creation of .SCR files on endpoint systems.


      McAfee Trusted Source is actively protecting against this threat. Customers with McAfee Trusted Source Email Reputation will have the emails blocked. Customers with McAfee Trusted Source Web Reputation will have the URL blocked from click-through. McAfee Artemis provides protection as well.


      For further information, mysupport.mcafee.com and search for KB article KB69857.


      Also please see our Research Blog:

      http://www.avertlabs.com/research/blog/index.php/2010/09/09/widespread-reporting -of-here-you-have-virus/


      McAfee also will provide further information as gathered.